Match the Frequency of the Reality You Want

Match the Frequency of the Reality You Want

(Otherwise you receive the frequency of the reality you are at!)

“Everything is energy and that is all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.” ~ Albert EinsteinIn light of an eventful 2020, I have been contemplating the above statement from Einstein about energy and matching frequency.  I believe it to be profoundly true.  So then, what does it say to us right now as our pivotal year is nearing an end?

I am in the process of presenting for the first time on Zoom a favorite class series that I authored and have taught for many years – Heart-Based Sales and Marketing.  We just completed the 2nd class on Identifying your Ideal Client.  As part of this process, once the participants look at the qualities, traits, values, and behaviors of their Ideal Client, I then ask them to identify where they are not their own Ideal Client!  In other words, where do they not match the frequency of who they want to work with!?!

What a concept right?  And it aligns with Einstein’s statement about energy – match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality!  Or, paraphrased, the frequency of the reality you are generating, is the reality you are going to get!

‘Match the frequency’ does not mean ‘emulate the frequency’.  Nor does not mean ‘fake the frequency’.  Neither does it mean forge, pretend, mock, or counterfeit the frequency.

‘Match the frequency’ means replicate or reproduce the frequency.  This is not something you can fake.

Here are the Four Pillars to Match Successfully the Frequency of the Reality you Want in your life:

  1. Clean (unpolluted) Will – from which you can harness and set your mind in motion
  2. Solid (firm) Foundation – when you want something new, you need a strong foundation upon which to construct it
  3. Know Thyself (the ancient edict of all true spiritual seekers) – an ability to tell yourself the truth about all aspects of who you are – without any backtalk from the negative ego/shadow self
  4. Clarity of Desire – about what you want and what is most important – also a part of Know Thyself

Here are my suggestions about how to begin this successful implementation for the remainder of 2020, setting the energy of the reality you want to match for 2021:

  1. Life Activation Session – if you are new to the Modern Mystery School this is an excellent place to begin
  2. Resilience Package – if you did not yet partake of this series offered for the first time in August of this year.  It has been getting really great reviews.  Includes: Life Activation, Full Spirit Activation, Hermetic Path Clearing, Blood Healing.
  3. Empower Thyself Class & Initiation – based on the premise that we are Eternal Spiritual Beings Having a Physical Experience, ancient Mystery School teachings are presented about how to be truly successful in the physical life.  In this 2-day class we enter into a deeper conversation about your soul, the Will, building a solid Foundation, Know Thyself, your personal Needs, Wants and Desires, as well as so much more.

I invite you to take a deeper look at the reality you desire in your life, where you may not yet have it, and join me in making the necessary adjustments to match your desired result.  And please, do reach out to me and share your wins as well as any place where you would like some support.  I do enjoy hearing from you.

I am holding you in my heart.

Wishing you a November overflowing with prosperity and gratitude,

Verla Wade – Guiding Oracle
The Living Light Foundation
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