Do Something Significant in the Last 100 Days of 2020

There are less than 100 days left this year!  It’s time to start thinking about what you want to do with these remaining days of 2020.

When I realized how close we are to the end of the year and how few days are actually left, I started remembering what I have achieved this year, and what I still want to accomplish as the year is coming to a close

2020 has been a huge reset – for all of us.  It has ushered in an unprecedented necessity to relinquish much that we hold dear – and open to new possibilities and new ways of doing things – not because we wanted to, but because we needed to.

Resilience is the word of the year, and with that, I now invite you to look at what you have accomplished this year with your resilience – as you adopted new levels of resilience in areas you never imagined you would need resilience!

Here are some recommended steps:

First: Return to the beginning of 2020 and review your year.  As you do this, acknowledge yourself for all the small and large things that you have done well.

Second: As you review 2020, please notice who you were in January and February, and who you are now!!!  You are different!!!  What are the visions and dreams you had at the beginning of the year?  Knowing what you know now, and who you are now, how can you revitalize and re-visualize your original goals into creation?

Third: After you have acknowledged your successes, it’s time to re-set your vision for the remainder of 2020.
•    What still needs to be done this year that is meaningful to you in your life?
•    What “lights you up” when you think about accomplishing it?
•    What impact – personally or professionally – is yours to make, that perhaps you have been avoiding?

It’s time to embrace the harvest energy of the coming fall months and turn it into productiveness in our lives.

Here are the statistics: 80% of the work gets done in 20% of the time – let’s make this last 20% count!

I am holding you in my heart.

Sending You Love and Light,
Verla Wade – Guiding Oracle
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