A Year in Review – 2020 our Foundation for 2021

This time of year we typically take inventory of the past 12 months.  Both for financial and tax reasons as well as a personal assessment.  As I first contemplated this approaching annual tradition, I was not excited about reviewing 2020.  After all, what is there to review?  C-19?  Lockdown?  So much loss of life – including people we love, lifestyle and life sustainability?  And who wants to review that?

And yet…., I am inviting you to review 2020 because our past and present always provide the foundation for our future.  Here’s the deal, our minds create our thoughts, which create our actions, which in turn create our results and current reality.  While we can’t change what is going on in the world, and we can’t rewind what has happened this year, and we can’t lessen the loss of so much life and of lifestyle that we love, we can acknowledge the loss, grieve where grief is necessary, and then with fresh eyes, take a new look at how we are viewing the past year.  I am encouraging you to join me with new eyes, inviting in a fresh perspective, perhaps changing how we each are viewing 2020.   After all, how we view it today is how we are going to remember it tomorrow.

What do you want your memory to be of 2020?  About the loss and fear that crept in to one degree or another, or about what you learned?  Or the unsuspected opportunities that were provided, and how you have benefitted from your experiences that have strengthened both you and your foundation?

These last few weeks of December provide a pivotal time to put 2020 to rest and welcome in 2021.  It’s up to each of us – we choose.  I choose to embrace 2021 with renewed faith in my heart, and a new commitment to continue to refine, grow and become the best possible version of myself.  Regardless of what is ahead, I know that as I find it within me to approach 2021 with excitement and enthusiasm, that will be reflected back.

I am holding you in my heart.

Wishing you a Holiday Season that is Merry, Bright and filled with Light,

Verla Wade – Guiding Oracle
The Living Light Foundation
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