Testimonial by Lynn Thomas

Verla helps bring a wonderful calmness and understanding to your personal life through these teachings (The Tree of Health, Vitality and Wholeness). This is my second time taking the classes and still learning so much! She gives great exercises you can use any time to put things in perspective, which is really beneficial in these crazy times!

Testimonial by Murielle Tugendhaft

The inner child session (Reclaim Your Golden Child) with Verla was truly profound. It helped uncover what was really causing my inner child fear – an old event that I had completely forgotten about. I was able to find out what she needed to make her feel safe and be able to live my life from the adult, versus the scared inner child. I’m also so grateful because it helped set a new healthy pattern for working with my inner child – it’s been much easier to work with her since the session with Verla!

Testimonial by Sarah Hauch 

I just participated in part 1 of 4 of Verla L Wade’s online series, Embracing the Light: The Alchemy, Wisdom and Beauty of Prayer.

Holy moly the energy was palpable.

For a long time I didn’t know how to pray. I didn’t feel like I was doing it right, I felt unworthy, I didn’t know if anyone cared to listen. Even though I love communicating to a higher power. I felt the love in my heart expand when I worked up the courage to do it.

Verla’s class defined prayer in a way that was inclusive and resonated. But it was so much more than just about prayer. It was about learning to align with your life purpose, and finding the compass that leads you to you destiny.

In the Mystery School we are told of the power of using ritual, meditation and prayer – and now I feel more whole and complete with this understanding of why.

Some of my favourite takeaways from today:

– You do not need to be whole to pray/communicate with the Divine.

– You do not need faith to pray. In fact prayer can be a powerful foundation for finding faith.

– We don’t need to know why prayer works, our soul knows. It’s okay if our logical mind is confused about how prayer works. We are so much more than just a logical mind.

– Prayer is a direct line of communication between the depths of the heart and the height of the soul.

– Start where you are. There is no perfect. In fact, you will never be perfect enough to appease the illusionary demands of your negative ego. But you can perfect being honest. So start with being honest with God.

– The different types of prayer and how to use them…

– And honestly so much more. But I felt a healing happen for me today. I am excited for the rest of the series.

Testimonial by Tom Spidel

My Life Activation and Empower Thyself class have both put me in a much better space and place in my life. They helped my clear out a huge amount of old problems and stuff that was weighing me down; I no longer carry that baggage with me. I am very happy with the Living Light Foundation and the Modern Mystery School; I find them to be a good investment of my time.

Testimonial by Murielle Tugendhaft

Embracing the Light: The Beauty, Wisdom and Alchemy of Prayer 2 is so incredibly invaluable. For myself, as a child it used to be so natural to feel God’s presence and to pray to God. As I’ve gotten older, it’s become more difficult for me to pray in a way that felt as authentic as it once did. What I absolutely love about this class is that Verla takes you through a meditation that provides a structure for praying. The prompts in the meditation elicited deep yearnings and desires from me to connect with God and inspired me to pray for things I wouldn’t have thought to otherwise. The product was an authentic, deep prayer, produced from this gentle guided format. I am so thankful Verla is making the recordings of this class available, as I personally plan on using the meditation in this class regularly to support my prayer to God.

Testimonial by Chiyona Indriya

Amazing center for magickal living a miraculous life. Verla Wade is masterful in her approach to help you grow.

Testimonial by Peggy Jo Ethelbah

If you’re seeking support for personal transformation in your life, I highly recommend Verla. Her guidance, broad scope of classes and healing sessions have made a significant impact in my life for the past several years.

Testimonial by Christina Becerra

Working with Verla L Wade has been essential in my personal transformation! She has shared wisdom, vast experience and incredible tools that have truly supported me to be successful in all areas of my life. While being a master in her field, she also really cares about people. I highly recommend having a session with her!

Testimonial by Tristan Aho

Every class/program and every one on one session that Verla offers through the Living Light Foundation has helped me reach a new level of understanding and satisfaction in my everyday life. Verla has a vast amount of experience and wisdom throughout her many years utilizing the tools that the Lineage of King Salomon has to offer; I sincerely feel that she is an incredible resource that I can use at anytime to help me achieve my life’s mission. I would highly recommend anyone to Verla and The Living Light Foundation if you’re looking to make a positive impact in your life and the life of those around you.

Testimonial by Liz Haley

Verla Wade has been instrumental in my Spiritual progression, offering amazing classes at The Living Light Foundation. I would highly recommend that you check it out!

Testimonial by Peggy Jo Ethelbah

Reclaiming the Golden Child Session is a great healing modality to identify, heal and release childhood trauma. This helped me to understand and let go of old thought patterns so that I may move forward with a more compassionate relationship with myself. I felt the weight of shame & blame being lifted from me.

Testimonial by Linda Lockwood

Keeps me on the path of my highest spiritual growth with knowledge interpreted and applied to my life.