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Developing & Maintaining Resilience

As The Living Light Foundation prepared to re-open for private sessions and in-person classes, I found myself contemplating who I am now and the benefits of the lineage work that we offer people and businesses.  Five words kept coming to the fore front of my meditations – “the Great Work” and “Sustainable Resilience”. I would […]

Health, Vitality, & Wholeness: Its Time to Thrive (vs. Survive)

In today’s environment, nearly everyone is focused to some extent on the quality of their health, vitality and wholeness.  While some are focusing on improving, others are working at regaining a level that seems to have diminished over time.  As well, there are those who are naturally healthy and determined to sustain and enhance. Maybe […]

Thriving in Spite of Loss

So many changes are happening so fast in our lives right now due to Covid-19.  Even as we are beginning the integration back into our world, aware of social distancing, wearing our masks, and making all the protective adjustments to our norm as we understand them, we are looking at the possibility of another resurgence […]

The Middle Pillar Today

The Middle Pillar has recently taken on an entirely new meaning in my life, which I would like to share with you this week. Those of you who study and work with the Kabbalah know that the Middle Pillar on the Tree of Life is also known as the Pillar of Equilibrium.  It is the […]

The Lost Art of Touch

Reach Out & Touch Someone As we move through yet another month of isolation, whether it be voluntary, or government imposed depending on our governing bodies, I find myself contemplating touch.  The nature of touch – both physical and non-physical – and how much people are missing touching and being touched.  For instance, if you […]


As humans, we believe that we have the right to know. And, in fact, we are educated to know, and then expected to know in order to attain and maintain employment; indeed, in order to succeed in life. And yet, I have recently been asking myself, what is it that I know? Like you, I […]


Amid a world-wide pandemic, we have the opportunity to experience some things that we otherwise might never encounter.  I want to share with you what I am learning from this challenging time: Social distancing doesn’t mean I have to be distant. Social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation. Isolating doesn’t mean I have to be isolated. […]


Dan Patrick, The Texas Lieutenant Governor, made this statement a few weeks ago, which you can imagine, has drawn significant criticism. Of course, he was talking about our current national lockdown situation and how it is affecting business – particularly small businesses – as well as the mental and emotional health of individuals, and ensuring […]