Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation

Certified by The Modern Mystery School

Verla Wade

International Instructor
Kabbalah Instructor / Mentor
Grand Oracle of the Western World
High Priestess of Egyptian Magick
High Priestess of Earth, Water, Air, Fire Magick
King Salomon Healer
Certified Healer & Teacher
Life Activation Practitioner
Magus Hermeticus (RM3)
School of the Mage Graduate
Senior Guide

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Verla’s background is in human potential development and corporate management before transitioning from the corporate world in 1999. She went on to establish The Living Light Foundation in early 2000, which includes her teaching practice as well as private sessions. This organization is dedicated to providing pathways to enlightenment through education, healing, and transformation. Verla also works within the Modern Mystery School where she serves as an international teacher.

Verla is trained in the Western Mystery Tradition in the lineage of King Salomon as an advanced initiate, teacher and healer within the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light. She travels and works world-wide as a teacher and speaker and offers her expertise and services to those ready to step into the next phase of their lives.

A senior International Kabbalah teacher with the Modern Mystery School and a Specialty Teacher for Advanced Kabbalah Teachings, Verla teaches the Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah worldwide.  She specializes in assisting individuals and groups with application and integration of the essential principles of Kabbalah (the originating pattern of creation) into their personal life and areas of influence.

Her gift as a teacher is to awaken the ancient teachings within each individual, making them pertinent to the complexity of our modern daily lives and environment. She has a unique ability to empower people to reach for their greatness and actualize their life purpose. Primarily doing this work in large seminars, she also mentors and coaches entrepreneurs who own life-enhancement, wellness and spiritually based businesses.

Verla genuinely enjoys this work and is an exceptional teacher, speaker, healer, and coach. Her primary focus when working with either individuals or groups is personal empowerment, transformation, fulfillment, and effective application.