How Quickly Can You Adapt & Move Forward in Your Life? The Power of Resilience in Your Life.

I have been cultivating resilience for a number of years now – embracing it, acquiring it, and weaving it into my daily life.  As resilience and I have become friends, welcoming it into my being, I came to understand that it provides a strong part of my foundation for sustaining joy and achieving fulfillment.

In the face of Covid-19, re-integration into social settings (or not), vaccination (or not) when its available, all the questions about the safety of our children, the importance of their education, and invaluable experience they receive from being with others their own age, and the plethora of questions, challenges, adjustments, and life changes we are all addressing on a daily basis, there is something to be said for making friends with resilience.

Resilience is a wholistic approach to life – it is about how you view life, and how you handle life’s stressors – both the positive as well as the negative.  Today, I would define resilience as:

  • 1st –the capacity to recover quickly from difficulty
  • 2nd – the ability to maintain resilience is a measure of how balanced you are in your life

The benefits of resilience are many.  Foremost, it allows you to move away from, as well as heal patterns that compromise you, while at the same time, moving towards greater strength and adaptability.  This gives you the versatility to adapt to what’s happening and coming at you now, vs wasting time and energy fighting against what is.

The synonyms for resilience are wonderful qualities to nurture and embrace as well:

  • Flexibility (vs. rigidity)
  • Strength (vs. weakness)
  • Hardiness (vs. fragility)
  • Adaptability (vs. fragility)
  • Endurance (vs. weakness)

So resilience – my word of the month – perhaps truly, my word for 2020.  And particularly now as the we head into the end of the year – Resilience and Loving-Kindness – for Ourselves and Others. Perhaps resilience so we can have loving-kindness!!!!

Those of you who live within driving distance of me are aware that I am offering a special series of healings right now – The Resilience Package – to address our needs and the needs of our DNA as it adapts and builds resilience to our new life challenges.  Please contact me if you have questions.

PS: If you live in Western Washington State and did not receive my special offer email, please let me know and I will get that to you.

I am holding you in my heart.

Sending You Love and Light,
Verla Wade – Guiding Oracle
The Living Light Foundation
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