Developing & Maintaining Resilience

As The Living Light Foundation prepared to re-open for private sessions and in-person classes, I found myself contemplating who I am now and the benefits of the lineage work that we offer people and businesses.  Five words kept coming to the fore front of my meditations – “the Great Work” and “Sustainable Resilience”.

I would like to share with you several things I have learned about resilience during our time of isolation.

First, it is as easy to live from a place of faith and gratitude as it is to live from a place of fear.  And it requires a conscious choice.  Choosing gratitude over fear, allows you to draw upon peace, which then results in faith.

  • Faith that there will be another day and it can be good.
  • Faith in my family
  • Faith in myself
  • Faith in my health
  • And the list continues

Second, grace is given a day at a time – by God – for the now.  It is for today only, not tomorrow.  When you are grateful for today, it expands into grace and affects the quality of tomorrow.

Third, it is important to get outside of yourself and be a blessing to someone, so God/the Universe can send blessings to you.  Your being and doing creates the pathway and the flow.

Fourth, living life alive takes courage – often the courage to choose faith over fear in the moment.

And finally, in re-entering active life, it is not enough just to come back – we must return stronger, better, and more resilient as a result of the last six months.  It’s no longer a matter of bouncing back – because what many people seek to bounce back to no longer exists.  We are re-entering an entirely new environment, and therefore we must be prepared to bounce forward.

In light of this, we have put together a special package of healings and activations – the Resilience Series – which have never been offered before in this combination or at this price point.  Please stay tuned – these packages will be premiered in the next few weeks.  We are also offering classes for the first time on Zoom, as well as teaching in person our beloved lineage favorites (in limited numbers following recommended social distancing safety pre-cautions) starting in August.

I am holding you in my heart.

Sending You Love and Light,
Verla Wade – Guiding Oracle
The Living Light Foundation
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