Health, Vitality, & Wholeness: Its Time to Thrive (vs. Survive)

In today’s environment, nearly everyone is focused to some extent on the quality of their health, vitality and wholeness.  While some are focusing on improving, others are working at regaining a level that seems to have diminished over time.  As well, there are those who are naturally healthy and determined to sustain and enhance.

Maybe you have tried:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Other advised medical options

And yet these techniques have often not yielded the desired result.  There’s a reason for this.  The quality of our health is affected by our environment – both outer and inner.

The foundation of our health is driven by what is happening within our unconscious – the underlying attitudes and beliefs we have about ourselves – just below the surface of our awareness.  This includes what we say to ourselves, which then replicates outward reflected by what we say about ourselves to others.  How we think, our emotions, and even how we feel about ourselves, at our inner-most core level, all affects our health and vitality and our ability to move past undermining patterns and habits.

Kabbalah has answers on all levels about our health, offering a vast range of knowledge, wisdom and understanding.  Never has this information been more applicable than it is today as we endeavor to know ourselves and strive to constructively adapt to our rapidly changing world.

Health, vitality and wholeness is an enormous topic, affecting us as humans, and at the forefront of our consciousness.  And, if I were to encapsulate it into a few words, I would say that health, as well as lack of health, is really about the human heart and its place in the vast universe.

In addressing this topic, we each have to ask ourselves some questions:

  • What is health?
  • What does health mean to me?
  • What is the level of health that I desire?
  • Where am I doing well and where could I be doing better?

And in answering the first question, ‘what is health?’, it may be easier to answer it from the perspective of ‘what is lack of health?’  What we do know is that our health, or lack thereof, is that it affects us on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  In fact, Kabbalah would reflect that lack of health is a result of separation and disconnection with the Divine!

Working with the Kabbalah provides a path of profound transformation.  One of the fruits (results) of this transformation is the ultimate healing of the human soul.  Kabbalah is above all a means of joining with the Divine.  And that health – true, sustainable health on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) –is achieved by reunion with the Divine.  Please don’t let this reference to the Divine turn you off if you are not acclimated this way in your life, because like I said, Kabbalah brings about the ultimate healing of the human soul.

Kabbalah tells us that there is an ingeniously mapped plan for each person on earth.  The purpose of this plan is for each person to be the creator of their life and in charge of their life destiny.  As you ascend up the Tree of Life, you begin to gain mastery over yourself.  You gain clarity about what has been denied, suppressed, repressed, unresolved, and stored in your unconscious – things you have avoided and not dealt with, which often fester and eventually lead to lack of health, vitality and wholeness.  And once you have this awareness, you begin the process of cleaning out your emotional and mental bodies (the negative ego and subconscious, where you have stored all these unresolved memories).  This is the groundwork in order to achieve sustainable, thriving health and wellness.

Clearing and healing your mental and emotional bodies makes it possible for you to deal with life now – to respond vs. react.  And this allows you to master the energies at each level of the Tree of Life, which in turn can be utilized for manifestation and creation in Malkuth; thereby becoming the creator in your life who is actually in charge of your destiny.

You might well ask, what are the energies at each level of the Tree that need to be mastered relating specifically to health, wellness, vitality and thriving vs surviving?

  • In Malkuth, you learn about your outer environment, how it supports or drains health and vitality, and what changes need to be made
  • In Yesod, you become aware of what happens just beneath your conscious awareness – your underlying attitudes and beliefs, making the unconscious conscious so you can change
  • In Hod, you investigate your mind, how it thinks, and what it tells you, which you then tell others, reinforcing either positive or negative attitudes and beliefs, allowing you to repattern your mind, thoughts and speech
  • In Netzach, you explore how your emotions are responding to life’s circumstances and how your emotional attachments are affecting your quality of life, and how to detach and respond in new and empowered ways
  • In Tiphareth, you address balance and harmony, gaining insight and motivation to establish your unique true inner equilibrium
  • In Geburah, you learn how to enhance your courage, strength and desire to change
  • In Chesed, you open up to new levels of loving-kindness, forgiveness, and mercy for yourself and others

Each these levels on the Tree of Life directly affect your health, wellness and vitality and when balanced, will ensure your ability to thrive (vs. survive).

We have just launched online via Zoom for the first time, the 7-week Kabbalah Series – The Tree of Health, Vitality, and Wholeness: The Art of Thriving vs. Surviving.  This topic is both applicable relevant to our current environment as we work to understand Covid-19 and its effects on us and our lives.

If Health, Vitality, Wholeness and Thriving is a topic that interests you, you are welcome to attend these online classes.  They are being offered Thursdays @ 6:30-8:30 pm PDT and then again on Mondays @ noon – 2 pm PDT.

Now is the Time to Thrive.  We each deserve quality of life.

I am holding you in my heart.

Sending You Love and Light,
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation
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