Harnessing Your Gift of Sensitivity To Fulfill Your Destiny

In the last several months I have been working with many new people, and there has been a recurrent theme around the gift of sensitivity. I am referring to what some people refer to as being an empath – or the enhanced ability to perceive and sense what is going on around us.

This sensitivity is truly a gift and can be our greatest strength when we know how to use it. Unfortunately, our culture, our education systems, and even our religions often don’t teach us how to handle these gifts and remain balanced in the world.

Being truly present, or sensitive if you will, is an authentic response to life. It requires being awake, alive and present in the moment. And when we are authentic, we are in our authority – and can become the author of our life. Truly empowered.

As I work with people who have the gift of sensitivity, they have often felt they are too sensitive to live in the world, or that their sensitivity is a curse. When in fact, this sensitivity is actually a sacred gift, that when understood and empowered, will be at the foundation of their true joy, and a core part of successfully fulfilling their destiny.

I admit, it is difficult to possess this gift when it is untrained, and to live in an insensitive, noisy, and often offensive world. At the same time, we each have the ability to transform this gift into personal power and strength.

One of the common themes for people who are learning to harness the gift of sensitivity is that we often take on more than we can handle, because we sense the feelings of others and feel compelled to be responsive. One of the gifts of sensitive people is that we pick up the nuances of situations – the pain and the joy – and it is as if it all demands our attention. This can often leave us feeling overwhelmed and even helpless.

So what can we do when we feel overwhelmed or helpless in a situation with another person? I want to offer several suggestions.

First, develop discernment about when to help another person and when not to. As sensitive people, we always want to help, but it is not always appropriate to get involved in another person’s life issues. And the result can be that we take away an important life learning for that person, which in the end creates negative karma for us, which can create more suffering if we are not careful.

Second, we can ask for help from our Higher Self, who is very willing to connect with another person’s Higher Self and support the situation from the highest and best good.

Third, we can ask the angels for their help. They are always more than willing to be called into service to help a situation turn out for the best.

Finally, we can seek assistance for ourselves and the other person in prayer. We can pray for clarity and the wisdom of discernment and the ability to do what is in the highest and best good for both ourselves and the other person.

As sensitive people, we have deep compassion and naturally want to help alleviate the suffering of another person, especially when we are feeling it ourselves. As so many of us have experienced, rescue a victim and you can become a victim of the victim! The truth is that when we try to rescue another person from their pain we may in fact be avoiding dealing with our own inner unresolved pain. Emotional pain is hard to deal with in ourselves and when left unhealed, nearly impossible to witness in others.

We have to get to the point in our personal healing where the tragedies and personal issues of others do not strike a personal note and bring on our own personal unresolved pain and even drama. It’s so important that as sensitive people we learn how to pause, take a breath, step back, and do not try to fix things immediately when we may not understand exactly what is broken. Just because we can feel pain, or sadness, or grief, or any number of other emotions, does not mean it is our responsibility to fix them for others.

When we enter into this attempt to alleviate another person’s pain, we are not understanding a basic principle about energy. And we are entering into an energy imbalance with another person.

As a sensitive person, it is our responsibility to recognize the feelings we have – what we are experiencing – and then make a choice about how to handle it. We must keep in mind that others are not our responsibility, we are our responsibility and maintaining our own balance, energy, and peace of mind is our number one responsibility.

One of the hardest things is for sensitive people to think of themselves first. As a sensitive person, you have the gifts that God gave you, and you are here to develop them. No one gains from these gifts when you feel inundated by life, or when you are continuously caretaking others and not taking care of yourself. We must keep our inner flame strong so that we can share the love and gifts we have in a healthy, balanced and sustainable way. Only you can keep yourself strong and powerful.

Being a sensitive person is truly a gift from God, that each person needs to learn how to manage responsibly, and develop for the good of all. You can be a true force for good, love and beauty on the planet, when you understand how to care for and use your gift with discernment.

Through the Modern Mystery School, the Life Activation, Empower Thyself Initiation, and Universal Kabbalah Ascension Class Series helped me understand my own gifts, how to harness them, and bring them into alignment with my Life Purpose. Please contact me if you would like more information about this topic.

Sending you light and love and wishes for a most wonderful and joyful Holiday Season
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation


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