Gratitude and the Alchemy of Prayer

As some of you know, I am in the process of developing, writing and delivering a new seven-week Kabbalah Class Series – The Tree of Health, Vitality and Wholeness: The Art of Thriving vs. Surviving. This is a miraculous experience as the class is quite literally writing itself. Needless to say, it has been waiting to come out for several years, and once given the space to do so, is literally “pouring forth”. I must say, up to now, some of the teachings in Malkuth, Yesod, Hod and even Netzach, are beyond what I anticipated we would be covering. I really enjoy this aspect of Kabbalah – when we as students are ready, it always offers opportunities for newness and freshness, as well as deeper understandings – while setting a path in front of us inviting continual development, expansion, and enlightenment.

In each Sephirah to date, concerning the topic of health, vitality, and wholeness, thru the lens of thriving vs. surviving, what continues to surface is the necessity for a relationship with prayer. Also becoming apparent is the reality of what we sacrifice when we live in the absence of prayer. So much new information, understanding, and clarity has been coming in. As a result, I am putting the finishing touches on a new evening class on prayer – Embracing the Light: The Beauty, Wisdom & Alchemy of Prayer. (We have included more information below).

As a mystery school teacher, offering classes in the lineage of King Salomon I always emphasize the importance of what I refer to as the balance of the 3-legged stool in our lives – Ritual, Prayer, and Meditation. We spend considerable time instructing on Ritual and Meditation, but not so much time with Prayer. In fact, I notice that when I mention prayer, a number of people become noticeably uncomfortable, while many of these same people seem much more comfortable with the topics of meditation and ritual. The topic of prayer poses a number of challenges that ritual and meditation do not. People often share that this is a reflection of an earlier experience with religion that did not ‘fit’, or even a misunderstanding about how the Light (God) and prayer actually work in our lives. For instance, it took me many years to overcome the indoctrination I received as a child, and embrace a willingness to re-establish a relationship with God. And of course, what I eventually found, is that God had never moved from my life! And that’s the good news. When we seek, we will find Source. And prayer is one of the ways we can establish meaningful connection.

What I have also come to understand as a Kabbalist and Guide, is that prayer is as normal to each human as our breath, and as vital. While the breath sustains the physical body, prayer sustains our spiritual body and connection with God. And the prayer breath, is ideally a continuous whispering breath that we engage in when we are comfortable, aware, and practiced with prayer. I find it so much more uplifting and constructive than the negative self-talk I used to constantly find my mind engaged in!

And yes, prayer can have as many forms as there are people. When I first started creating steps toward building a new relationship with God, prayer was something I was having none of. For one thing, I remembered too many scenes as a child of people on their knees begging and pleading with God for something. And while I was raised to respect other people and their spiritual beliefs, including a healthy respect for God, this type of prayer was not attractive to me, nor did it seem empowering, from my perspective.

Eventually, as I matured and committed to my spiritual path, I truly desired a relationship with God. Even though I was ready, the only form of prayer I could manage were expressions of Gratitude. And so I started with that – I addressed everything I was grateful for to God. And it worked. For me. I started making what I was appreciative for into a prayer – a verbal prayer – often at first, while I was driving to and from work. This began as positive affirmation prayers, but soon became much more – my heart became fully engaged.

Gratitude, or appreciation, has an alchemical nature to it, as I was soon to discover. What it actually led me to was the choice to love – the choice to love my life and myself, regardless of my current circumstances. As those changes started to happen within, they began to reflect outwardly. I was happier. I started attracting more positive results. My life literally changed in 20 days. For the better.

The reason for this noticeable change: Our hearts expand when we express gratitude – when we are grateful and show it. The more we practice gratitude the more power it gathers in our lives. It forms the basis for a unique type of chemical/alchemical change in our lives. This is because our minds respond almost instantly to this “attitude of gratitude” or to our prayers of gratitude and appreciation. And when we form our gratitude into prayer, not only are we thanking the Creator for what we have been given, but we are also enlisting God as a partner for our future creations.

In this month of Thanksgiving, I invite you to join me in embracing an “Attitude of Gratitude” in your waking hours. And if you are comfortable, explore turning this consciousness into a constant, whispering breath of prayer.

I look forward to hearing from you about your month of gratitude, and how chose to express it, and your outcomes.

Sending you Love and Light,
Verla and The Living Light Foundation

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