A Fresh Start

I love January and its gift of a fresh start and new beginnings.  I always feel I have an entirely new life book to start writing in, that is enhanced by the wisdom I gained from the preceding years’ experiences.

Kabbalah teaches us about the process of gathering Knowledge in order to gain Understanding for the ultimate goal of achieving Wisdom.  The world would tell us that achieving wisdom is the end result.  Kabbalah though, advises that achieving wisdom is just the beginning, and we must be willing to empty our cup and repeat this process again and again in order to thrive, prosper, and experience true joy and fulfillment in achieving our destiny of enlightenment and mastery.

As we start the new year, it is this kabbalistic nugget of gold that I am sharing with you this month: the only way to truly procure a fresh start, is if you are willing to begin with an empty cup.  That means letting go of past experiences, as well as expectations for the future.  I am not telling you to let go of lessons learned.  Nor am I advising you to stop dreaming about what you desire.  What then am I suggesting?  Let go of your attachments – attachments to knowledge, attachments to experiences, attachments to people, attachments to possessions – all attachments.  Enjoy everything in your life without any attachment!  Attachments block the flow of Love and Light.  Be willing to love – truly love – without conditions or attachments.

Enter 2019 with the Understanding and Wisdom you have rightfully gained and perhaps even mastered but with no attachment to either – enter with a fresh, new, beginners mind.

With this purity of mind, you can invite in the higher Beauty of God’s Mind and Love, to join and influence all of your thoughts and resulting actions.  And the magick you create will be splendid indeed.

Sending you light and love and wishes for a most wonderful and joyful January.
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation

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