The Experience of Being An Eternal Spiritual Being Having A Physical Experience

The mystery school teaches that we are eternal spiritual beings having a physical experience.  The ‘eternal’ part of this teaching goes on to say that we have never been born and therefore we can never die!  That is an amazing statement within itself and one that I will unpack in a later newsletter.

In classes and talks, when I refer to being spiritual beings having a physical experience, most people readily agree.  I find it encouraging that the vast majority of people I come in contact with today believe that our true essence is spiritual!  Actually, I love this.

And then we come down to the day-to-day reality of our lives.  And that can be a variety of things – including messy, beautiful, hard, painful… Included are joy, passion, struggle, laughter, fear, love, co-dependency, anger, attachment – a long list of everything we experience as humans.

The ability to experience all emotions is unique to human, so even though some of them may not feel good, it literally defines who we are from the rest of the beings we share the planet with.  I am referring here to the mystery school teaching that our ability to have and express emotions comes from our soul.  And my experience with emotions has been that the deeper, more painful experiences have literally carved out a place within me to recognize and experience more joy, love, passion and compassion.

So all emotion can be beneficial, but ….   And there is a ‘but’ for many of us!  Emotions are not so wonderful when we get stuck in a negative emotional pattern or become attached to a destructive or unhealthy behavior.  And yet, of this is part of a Spiritual Being having a physical experience.

\We might ask then, what is the purpose for this physical experience?  Why didn’t we just stay spiritual?  Great question.  It sure would have been easier a lot of the time from our experience here on the planet in the physical body!

My answer comes from Kabbalah.  Because we wanted more – in fact, we wanted it all.  We wanted to become like our Creators – who created us in their image.  This meant, we needed to have the soul.  And with that comes the physical body – a density that is as far away that we can get from the eternal spiritual being that is our essence!

I don’t know about you, but when I realized that I actually made a choice to leave my place of eternal spiritual peace and come to Earth, I first wondered what was wrong with my decision.  But I soon realized that I made that choice from a much more vast place of knowing than what I have access to here in the physical body.  And while that sometimes sucks, I also know intuitively I made a wise decision and that something bigger than the me is happening here!

What is happening?  Me – You – Us.  Preparing ourselves to return to being Eternal Spiritual beings, with this experience of physicality.  The question becomes, then, what do we need to do that is important while we are here?  What are we REALLY meant to be doing here?  The answer is simple – BE IN JOY AND BRING JOY TO OTHERS.  REAL JOY.  The real thing.  Not all the strategies, and behaviors, nor attaining the physical things we use as replacements, nor the false emotions that masquerade as joy, but pure Joy.  And as we start getting this ‘joy thing’ down, what ensues is an ability to LIVE LIFE ALIVE – truly alive – in Joy and Fulfillment.

Like I said, the answer is simple, but the application, based on our results, does not seem to be so simple.  As humans, we have lost our focus on what is most important and how to live life and truly thrive.  For instance, the ancient mystery teachings are that our emotions are a gift from the creator.  And yet, they have become something that we mis-use and misunderstand to the extent that nearly all major illnesses today on the planet can be traced to an emotional component gone awry.  Stunning, right?  And like I talked about in last month’s newsletter – fear is a big emotion that many people need to come to terms with.

I ask the question again.  What are we really meant to do here?  Be in Joy and share Joy.  But how – what do we need to change?  The answer is GROW UP – MATURE.  Become Spiritual Adults.  This is a questing far beyond age – it is a development of spiritual maturity – ownership for one’s life and one’s results in life.  You could almost say, moving into being the full-time boss of your own life.  Not expecting or desiring anyone else or anything else to provide joy, fulfillment, contentment, peace of mind, or security for you.  And from this place comes the ability to Live Life Alive and Joy

Why do we need to make these changes?  For two reasons.  First for ourself – to access the true potential that lies within each of us, and to bring that out and live from that place of actualization.  Second, we need to heal ourselves and know how to be in our full potential so that we can reduce the enormous suffering in the world.

How do we make these changes?  Most of our systems really don’t teach this type of spiritual maturity, so we are unprepared in reality to grow up, as strange as that sounds!  My answer refers to the Modern Mystery School Initiations and the Universal Kabbalah 10-Month Ascension Program.  The Kabbalah is a spiritual technology that allows you to take control of your life and create ‘the you’ that you desire to be, ‘the you’ that you know is inside waiting to be empowered to come out.  The Initiations give you the empowerment to do the work and the Universal Kabbalah Ascensions assist you to move through all the stopping places that have been created in your life (by you and society) that are between you and actualizing your full potential.

This system (The Initiations and the Universal Kabbalah Ascensions) is about you seeing you, and empowering yourself to actualize your true potential.  It works and has worked for Initiates and Kabbalists in this lineage for over 3500 years.

I invite you to touch base with me if you are interested in knowing more or step deeper onto this path.

Sending you Love and Light,
Verla and The Living Light Foundation

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