2021 – Create, Respond, and Adapt In Order to Thrive

I paused writing the monthly newsletter in the new year seeking renewal and inspiration.  As we now approach Spring, so much has transpired for so many.

2021 arrived energetic and productive.  Then the energies started, shall we say, colliding and what ensued provided both challenging and interesting situations and opportunities.  The pressure increased noticeably to constantly support, shore up, and even justify the systems and structures that have been serving us; that appear to have been working (in fact quite well, thank you) for years.  And yet, I experienced being literally compelled to convert many foundational structures that have been supporting me more than adequately for 20 plus years!  I have been intermittently dismayed, stressed and overwhelmed, even sometimes exhilarated, as I endeavored to understand and implement these required changes.

Now, in early March, after considerable reorganization, I realize that I have literally created an upgraded, enhanced, and stronger foundation, to move forward from, which is much more in alignment with who I now am!  These changes and systems have introduced new professionals to support me both personally and professionally; and yes, a few of my favorite go-to people seem thankfully, to be weathering the storm with me.

Sound a bit like preparing for the New Paradigm?  Well yes….; …. of course!

Then why was I, and so many around me who are experiencing the same compelling, even urgent need to restructure, so surprised?  Not sure.  I’ve been “talking the talk”, and “walking the walk”.  Although I now see in retrospect (hindsight is always 20/20), that I’m able to “walk the walk” in fresh, innovative ways with some wonderful new additions at my side.

Up to now, my motto has been Create, Improvise, and Adapt, which like many of you, I’m pretty good at.  Today, this strategy is obsolete and quite frankly, no longer serves us in serving the Light.  We are being called to embrace new ways of being in order to Thrive: Create, Respond and Adapt, in order to Thrive.

I want to unpack this just a bit.

First, we are always creating.  ALWAYS – 24/7.  Given this, it becomes fundamentally important to become conscious of what we are creating and how we are creating it.  This “consciousness thing” is not always easy because it requires two things: being in the now and telling ourselves the truth.  Once we are able to tell ourselves the truth about what we are creating – all of it (not just the good and positive stuff) – then we are ready for the next important step.

Second, respond and adapt.  As we review our results and take ownership for them, we are accurately able to adjust and adapt the next phase of our on-going creation – since we are always creating.  Since we have a realistic measure of our results based on the feedback we are getting, we can now re-align and re-infuse our creation efforts with our true desires.  This just makes sense – getting conscious about creation, and then adjusting and adapting is the fine tuning required to enjoy and embody the results we are seeking.

Finally, the whole purpose of this – the whole purpose of life – is to thrive.  And I mean really thrive – quality of life.  By your standards – not someone else’s.  And especially not based on settling for less because of past “failures”, or starting to live small because you believe you can’t create what you desire.

Just a footnote, none of this is new – it is ancient, true metaphysics, 101.

The important questions to answer today are:
•    How do I define thriving for me?
•    What is the quality of life I seek in my heart of hearts?
•    What structures to I need to change in my life in order to accomplish this?

This is the pressing work for us to master in 2021.  Hope this brief unpacking helps. Covid-19 is still our teacher, and we have the opportunity to learn so much right now at light speed – if we will.

I am looking forward to hearing from you about your process in conscious creation and manifestation of your heart’s desires.

I am holding you in my heart.

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