Kabbalah – the First Learning.

From my perspective, Kabbalah is not an advanced study, but rather it is the first learning!  This is because Kabbalah speaks directly to our most fundamental desire to know what life is about.  Kabbalah does this by undertaking immediately to answer 5 major questions – the most important ones to ask in life:

  1. Who Am I?
  2. What Am I?
  3. Where did I Come From?
  4. Where Am I Going?
  5. What is my Purpose?

Once we know even the flavor of the answers to these questions we can start to better direct our lives on a path of achieving sustainable fulfillment and lasting joy.

In Kabbalah, and the Mystery School, our aim is to “Know Thyself”.  Kabbalah is a simple yet profound system for knowing and understanding yourself.  This knowledge and understanding leads to reconnection with Spirit and the Divine presence within.

Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that provides practical tools for creating joy and lasting fulfillment.  It’s a technology that will completely change the way you look at the world.  While Kabbalah illuminates and describes the laws of the spiritual world, it’s not a religion, but rather a spiritual science.

One of the primary teachings in Kabbalah is about becoming a co-creator of Life, helping you to awaken your inner power to affect change in the world.  Kabbalah empowers the creator within each of us, assisting us to manifest our full potential so we can create heaven on earth.  And this is especially true with the way we teach Kabbalah according to the ancient mystery traditions, because we work intensively with what are called the Four Worlds, which is the pattern God/Source/Creator uses in creation.  While you can read about the Four Worlds in books, and commentary on how they work on the different planes of consciousness, none of the authors really tell you HOW to actually implement these patterns into your daily life!  In the 10-month Kabbalah Ascension Class series we help you learn how to use this pattern of creation so that you can become a master creator and manifestor in your life.  We really work with the 4 worlds and teach people how to become co-creators of their lives working directly with God, Archangels, Angels as well as with their gifts and talents.

Because of this focus on being a co-creator of your life and of this world, we emphasize you having more of what is truly important to you in your life.  For most people, this includes true joy and clarity about what is fulfilling – your life purpose.

Waking up

I believe five main things are being asked of us spiritually these days:

  1. That we wake up and stay awake
  2. That we grow up, mature and become spiritual adults
  3. That we Know ourselves, TRULY know ourselves and learn how to recognize and TELL OURSELVES THE TRUTH,
  4. That we Transform and Master Ourselves
  5. That we develop an unbounded trust in God/Creator (in order to accomplish the first 4 things)

The Buddha was once asked, Are you an angel?  The Buddha answered No.  He was next asked, Are you a god?  Again, the Buddha answered, No.  What are you then? He was asked.  I am simply awake, he replied.  If you are familiar with the Buddha’s story you know he had to do a great deal of inner work, facing his inner demons and illusions head on to achieve this awake state.  Such a state does not come easy.  Perhaps the scariest territory to explore is our personality and the inside of our minds and our behavior.  It may be ironic, but the most courage we may ever need in our lives is to face ourselves and know ourselves.

The Mystery School 10-month Kabbalah ascension series is a course in experience.  It actually invites you to participate in the world in a new way.  It asks you to be awake, to engage, and to awaken to that engagement.  When we are awake to our participation in life, something entirely new and different reveals itself.  It is the difference between working on an objective theory about the world and actively participating in making YOUR world!  Healing happens!  Transformation happens!  Self-Mastery happens!

This awakened or transformational state happens when we seek a living relationship with the Creator, which I think of as what the Buddhists call Clear Light and what the kabbalists describe as the Light.  The deeper we go into this true world of Light, the more we find God at the center of everything.

You might find yourself asking, if God is at the center of everything, then why do I need to study the world?  Why do I need to know about the Four Worlds?  The reason is that so that we can know creation.  We need to know how this truth plays out in the world of duality because we need to know how to act in order to transform and master ourselves.  We need to know how to be so that we can reduce the enormous suffering in the world – both our own and that of others.  This is the knowledge understanding, transformation, and self-mastery that Kabbalah offers us – knowledge, understanding, transformation and mastery of ourselves and therefore, of our world around us.

This is why, from my perspective, Kabbalah is not an advanced study, but rather it is the first learning!  The study and learning for each of us to engage in to better know ourselves.

To find out more about Kabbalah, how the Mystery School teaches Kabbalah and the 10-month Kabbalah Ascension Series starting March 9-10, I invite you to join me in either or both of the two Kabbalah Information talks – Saturday, February 9, 3-5 pm and Wednesday, February 27.  New material will be presented at each talk.


Sending you Love and Light,
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation

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