Unproductive Positions, Stopping Places, & Walls

In Kabbalah and other classes I often talk about the ways we block the light – how we slow down our own progress and impede our own progression.  Each of us has plenty of these ineffectual positions, walls and stopping places.  I have found that there are certain walls many people have in common that must be overcome if one is going to successfully fulfill their destiny.  Most of these are in the form of unproductive positions and beliefs.

In order to achieve your destiny you must:

  1. Choose fulfillment as a key foundation for life rather than survival.
  2. Release other people’s agenda for you and own the idea that there is no particular way that anyone should be.
  3. Realize that what is past is past and has no bearing on the now.
  4. Release the belief “it has to be perfect” no one can consistently live up to this measurement.  It is guaranteed to sabotage you and/or your health, peace of mind, and wellbeing.
  5. Release the belief that “what I want is not okay, it isn’t good enough.” Or “it is just too ambitious.”
  6. Tell yourself the truth about what is most important to you and release the position “I don’t know what is most important to me.”  You do know and are keeping this a secret from yourself!
  7. Operate as a person who is in the process of creating his/her destiny (what is most important).  The most important thing is to create a truly supportive environment for yourself.
  8. While you are in the process of achieving your destiny, a number of potential stopping places/walls exist.  Some of these are:
  • Discouragement/lack of faith/lack of belief in yourself
  • Looking back and longing for what was (and remembering a “rose-colored” version of the past)
  • Bogging down in incompletes
  • Greener pastures – I would be more fulfilled/happier in a different job, relationship, city, etc.
  • “Wanting to want to change” vs. actually taking the action steps necessary to change
  • “Birds of a feather” – surrounding yourself with people who will buy your excuses to stay reasonable and comfortable and live smaller than your destiny
  • Not setting new goals that are consistent with what is most important to you and in alignment with your destiny
  • Buying into other people’s values in order to fit in and belong
  • Letting your clarity of purpose and vision for who you are slip
Mastering these obstacles in life equals achieving your greatness.  No one said it would be easy, but it will be worth it!  Keep persevering and know that everything your heart desires is on the other side of these walls!

Sending you Love and Light,
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation

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