Six things you can do this spring to increase your prosperity for 2019.

Prosperity and abundance seems to be at the forefront of many people’s minds right now – how to stabilize and increase the flow.  There are many factors to wealth and prosperity and one of the most important keys is developing and maintaining a strong foundation for life.

We all attract and flow light as a part of the human energy system.  The six steps below will not only increase your abundance and prosperity, but also your health, vitality, and the quality of light you are able to receive and share with others.

1.    Clear your physical space.  I suggest you start with a walk-through review of your living and working space using fresh eyes:
•    Where is there clutter?  This blocks the flow of energy and light coming to you
•    In the closets – what do you no longer wear?  What no longer fits?  What are you no longer attracted to?  Are you using closets to store things you no longer use?  Is there n organization system you could invest in to make better and cleaner use of a closet (for instance)?
•    What do you no longer use?  If I have not used it for a year, then you are unlikely to use it. Perhaps it is time to be sold or donated to someone who has use for it.
•    What is broken and needs repair?  What is broken beyond repair?  What is broken and you are unwilling to have repaired?   If it cannot be repaired, it needs to go into the trash.  If it can be repaired, but honestly you are not going to do it, then put it back into the flow – someone will have a use for it.
Now begin to clean out everything that you do not use, can no longer wear, repair for your use what is broken, sell or toss, etc.  Put all usable items that you no longer use back in the flow.  This cleans the energy in your environment for more abundance to flow to you.

Once you have cleaned out the closets, drawers, basement, spare bedroom, crawl spaces, attic, garage, storage unit, etc., then you can evaluate if a thorough spring cleaning is a good next step.  If you feel overwhelmed by doing the deeper cleaning work yourself, consider hiring someone.  Make sure they do the deep cleaning – curtains, blinds, carpets, air vents in the ceilings and floors, replace furnace filters, wash windows inside and out.  If you are going to manifest abundance, the new energy comes more easily into an organized, sparkling, clean space.

Begin to organize your things so they look neat and are easy to use, store, and use again; which takes some thought.  This includes clothes in closets, items in kitchen and bathroom cupboards and drawers, office spaces, dining and living rooms.  Bedrooms above all need to support your deep and restful sleep.  Make sure the placement of furniture is attractive as well as opens the flow.  Where is your meditation space and altar, and does it support your spiritual work?  Your altar should be cleaned weekly by you only, to honor the high spiritual energy that comes through it and out to you, your life and work.

For those of you who love your crystals and have them placed around your living and working space, as well as wear them, please give them a regular light spritz with the mystery school holy water.   I recommend clearing personal jewelry daily and spritzing crystals in living and working spaces weekly.  They have consciousness and are constantly working for you – and they really appreciate this thoughtfulness on your part.

2.    Balance your money accounts regularly so know where they are.  It is important that you know where you are financially – you are here in the physical dimensions.  For you to ask God/Spirit/the Universe to send you abundance and flow, you need the specifics of your current financial information!  Know the balances in your accounts at least every month, if not every week, or even every day.  This is not so that you become attached to your money, but rather that you know and understand your current financial position.  Your financial abundance is part of your foundation.  Prosperity cannot build on a weak foundation.  Knowing the truth about your current financial situation is part of having a strong foundation.  This knowledge provides the energy and resources from which to create more abundance and prosperity.

3.    Determine what abundance and prosperity means to you – and not just in terms of finances.  Include health, energy and each of the key areas of your life.  You need to know what it is you want to create in order to ensure that you are creating it!  We always create what is going on in our mind – but we are not always aware of what our mind is creating!   It order to become a conscious co-creator, it is vital that you know what you mean when you talk about and refer to abundance and prosperity.

4.    Look honestly at what you have in your life currently that is working for you and recognize it all by expressing gratitude.   Acknowledge yourself for your role in creating everything that’s working and express gratitude for all that is working and going well in your life.  Gratitude is a key aspect of creating and maintaining abundance.  As well I recommend you thank God for being a partner in your co-creation.

5.    Set a vision for your next level of abundance and prosperity.  As you do this, your vision needs to include touchstones with the 5 senses.  How will it feel, is there a taste or a smell, etc.?  In this visualize, note how you manage your financial prosperity, including the excess.  Are you paying off old bills?  Creating a money market account?  Fully paying your credit cards each month when they arrive? How are you up-leveling your lifestyle?  Where do you as a lightworker want to make a contribution on the planet?  What and who will you invest in?  Perhaps the first contribution you make is in strengthening yourself – investing in your own education as a Lightworker.  It is important to have a plan for how you are going to serve with some of the overflow of abundance that you create in your life.

6.    Invest in yourself. What is your vision for yourself and your life work?  Have you received the Life Activation?  Or perhaps The Empower Thyself Class is next on your list.  Or Healers Academy May 17-21?  Or Healers Academy 2 in November, 2019.  Or maybe you have been doing a lot of classes with the Modern Mystery School and have neglected the balance that is recommended through the private sessions.  If that is the case, I recommend The Hermetic Path Rebalancing Sessions, or The Core Will Infusion, or the Angel Code Healing – just to name a few.  Consider contacting me and let’s talk and develop a personal plan for you that will assist you in your goal of increasing your abundance and prosperity using all the tools found in the lineage of King Salomon.

I welcome hearing from you – how is this working for you in your life and what have you experienced as a result of using some, or all of these steps.

Sending you Love and Light,
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation

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