Holding Onto What is Holding You Back & How to Transform – Illusion vs. Reality

I recently made a statement to a group of people I am working with in Kabbalah. The statement was “Some of you don’t really want to change, you want to want to change!”

As you can imagine this was a bit confrontive for some folks in my audience. ‘Wanting to want to’ is a dilemma I experience often in people. Good, honest, sincere, individuals, who are seeking transformation, but have not actually stepped up to the plate of being ready do the real work. Unfortunately, buying a self-help book or attending a class may not change this situation because the solution is not ultimately outside of the person!

After making this bold statement, I was asked, “how can I change this situation I find myself in of ‘wanting to want to?’” While it is not possible to give a pat answer because what is occurring for each individual is unique and may require a personal conversation, I can share some information I know to be true in these circumstances as well as offer a solution.

First, you must be willing to move from illusion into reality and let go of your attachment to what is holding you back.

Second, when someone ‘wants to want’ something, the basic motivation to make a change is missing. I often find that the reason this motivation is missing is because of the following:

Third, these individuals are lacking clarity about what is most important. I do not believe that most people are lazy; rather, I find that they are unclear about what is most important in their life!

In other words, they have not identified what the value or benefit would be for them to make the change that they ‘want to want to’ make! The effort to make the change looms large, and the old patterns are comfortable and easy. If you are going to change, grow, and develop, you must expand your comfort zone – this can be challenging and even scary sometimes.

If you are desiring change, and it was easier to accomplish, you would have already made the change! Given that your next level of transformation requires a new level of clarity, you must discover and clarify your inner and outer motivations and benefits for making the changes required to move forward.

Getting Ready for Change – Shifting from ‘Wanting to Want to’ to Ready to Change

Ok, so let’s say you have figured out what the benefit is for you to transformation and you are now very motivated to change. What’s next?

Fully engage your 5 physical senses because what you see, visualize, or imagine, you can create
1st: see yourself in the new pattern – living the new lifestyle – see yourself transformed
2nd: feel what this transformation will feels like as you are living the new reality
3rd: what are you and others around you saying To clarify, what can you hear as you imagine
this new picture of you?
4th: what is the smell associated with this image?
5th: is there taste?
The more you can engage the 5 physical senses in this new visualized image of you and/or your new behavior, the sooner it will become a reality.

Forgive yourself when you fall in to the old patterns and refocus on your visualization using the 5 physical senses.

Finally, and very important, find everything in your life that you are sincerely grateful for and begin expressing your gratitude now – in your conversation with others, with yourself, in prayer, in meditation – feel, experience, and express gratitude continually.

These 4 basic steps will assist you in making significant and meaningful change in your life:
1. Determine the benefit to you for making the change – it has to be real and must be your benefit (not someone else’s)
2. Use your 5 senses as you visualize your new reality
3. Forgive yourself when you find yourself backsliding, turn the page, and refocus (without any negative self-talk!)
4. Feel and express gratitude for everything that is working in your life

If you would like more information on working with the 5 physical senses I have several classes coming up that are helpful Empower Thyself and Spiritual Intuition: How to Activate Your Psychic Abilities (see below for dates and times).

I look forward to hearing from you about this topic. If you would like a deeper conversation and personal session, we can do that. Sending you much love and light for the month of May.

Sending you Love and Light,
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation

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