Like so many of you I have been settling down at home and learning how to manage and do my share in slowing down the rapid world-wide spread of COVID-19.

I find it so interesting that to manage this virus we must now isolate – which is generally not recommended in any situation when people need to be united in the positive.  And yet, at the dawning of the new paradigm, we are being required to do just that – isolate – while at the same time we must summon faith and grace to unite, as we face the unknown.

We have a choice – we can unite in our fear, we can unite in our distress over our loss of income, our unilateral loss of freedom, our loss of community, our immanent loss of friends and family – the list goes on….  Or, we can rise higher and (to quote a friend of mine) ‘fly above’ the consuming cloud of fear and anxiety, and chose to love.

I have a few things I’d like to share with you this week about love and faith.

First, it is as easy to live from a place of faith and gratitude as it is to live from a place of fear.  To do this though, requires conscious choice.  When you live from a place of gratitude and peace, you can draw upon peace and then you have faith!  One leads to the other.  When we are able to consciously (and collectively) thank God/the Universe for what we have, we gather momentum for the positive.  As we do this, God/the Universe gives us grace for now and for today – not tomorrow.  As we are grateful for today, it expands into grace for tomorrow.  When we work to develop this consistency we ensure the foundation of on-going grace in our lives.

Second, our capacity to love is limited only by how much we love ourselves!  Although we often behave opposite, in truth, we cannot love another more than we love ourselves – just as we cannot respect another more than we respect ourselves.  Otherwise is it false and disingenuous love.  Obviously, there is a lot of the disingenuous masquerading as the real thing out there!

Third, it appears that COVID-19 attacks the immune system.  The key to the immune energies is held in the heart and the heart chakra, which also manage our healing ability and ability to love.  So I say, “Thank God that Love, Faith and Gratitude cannot be quarantined!”  And in this, we have the keys to staying healthy, vital and strong.  LOVE.  Self-love, so we can love others, unconditionally as much as it is possible for conditional, imperfect humans to do this.  Ceaselessly, engaging in acts of love.  First for ourselves and then for others.  And I submit, this is part of our true work in this imposed isolation – to go within and begin to release and forgive those areas where we do not love ourselves fully, wholly and unconditionally.

If this feels like too large of a task right now, I understand.  Begin with gratitude.  Gratitude for whatever you have to be grateful.  It will expand. As you express gratitude, you will start to relax and breath.  Your physical body will respond almost immediately, resulting in a higher ability to function.  The benefits of expressing gratitude and positive thinking are so well-documented that I am not going to elaborate here on either the science or the metaphysics – AND I do want to invite you to practice gratitude every day.  Simply stated, gratitude will open a pathway to expanding your peace of mind.  Expand gratitude, reduce fear.  It’s that simple – and its your choice.

As your gratitude expands – true gratitude, expressed from your heart, your peace of mind expands and faith begins to take the place where fear once resided.  As faith grows, so does your ability to think and function at your optimal.

COVID-19 is bringing us into the now – into the moment – in a way that has perhaps never happened before on the planet.  Nearly everyone world-wide is sharing in some version of this experience.  In the now.  What an amazing moment.

What do you want to do with this moment?  It’s up to you.  It’s up to each of us.

As we are being asked to stay home through April and now into May, I’d like to invite you to join me for a series of Meditations for Health, Balance & Peace of Mind, which I am offering on Zoom twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:30-8:00 pm PDT.  These meditations will last approximately 1 hour, after which I will answer questions for ½ hour.  This service is complimentary – no charge (donations will be accepted if anyone choses).

During this time we will also be publishing our Newsletters more often.  Perhaps as often as weekly.  So we invite you to stay tuned if these conversations are of interest to you.

Sending you Love and Light,
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation
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