We are alive and functioning in a very interesting time on the planet.  In the face of all of this, two things are vitally important.  First, it is imperative that we do not forget to celebrate and be grateful daily for all levels of our aliveness and health.  Second, that we do not forget to function at our highest level.  I say this because right now it is rather tempting to succumb to fear.  

Today we are facing the Coronavirus and its ensuing debilitating effects on our world, our people, our economy, and our existence.  In the last few days, each of our lives has been changed in ways we could not have imagined a few weeks ago.  And I suspect this is going to continue for several months.

Fear is everywhere, and some fear that is coming up has merit, like: do I have enough supplies (including food, water, and necessary perishables); will I be able to pay my rent/mortgage, car payment, bills; what about my job; what about my older parents/family members/friends who have higher risk factors; and the list goes on.  Almost overnight, we are in a new reality that is affecting us individually and collectively on the planet.  

The best way to handle fear – true fear, real fear – is to look it in the eye, face it, and handle it.  So do the best you can to ensure you have the food, water and perishables you need for the next 4 weeks or so.  Now more than ever, take care of your health – follow the guidelines of healthy food, restful sleep, exercise – although you are probably not going to the gym for your workout.  If you have been part of the classes with the Mystery School, the time is now to fully engage with your rituals, prayer and meditation – not from a place of neediness, but from a place of establishing and solidifying your foundation and strength in life.  And most of all, be honest about where you feel the fear and face it head on – do what you can to be prepared, which helps diminish the fear.  Allow yourself to feel the fear and move through it so you can be proactive and move into action.  Develop a plan and a 2nd plan and a 3rd plan if need be.  Having a solid, viable plan with a backup plan to manage things in your life almost always alleviates fear.

Here at The Living Light Foundation we are moving forward.  I am not giving in to the fear that’s currently out there in the world.  I am acknowledging it, dancing with it, and harnessing the fear-based energy to accomplish specific things in my life.  Because we are being asked to not go out, not meet in groups, etc. (stores and restaurants are closed), this is an excellent time to catch up in my life and business, reorganize, and work on the projects that I have been too busy for.  It is also a great time to set new goals, recalibrating for what the world is going to need in two months and six months from now.  As of now, we are in a new world – it will never be the same again – it is going to be new and different. 

That being said, I am moving forward selectively with some classes and events being held at The Institute of Awakened Mastery, inviting your intelligent and wise participation.  The reason I am making this choice available is because we as initiates know how to make a difference in our own lives which can immediately affect others.  10 times, 100 times, 1000 times.  

Never has there been a more important time for each of us to make a wise choice about our mental and emotional attitudes.  And equally, never has there been a more important time for each of us to make the best choice about whether or not we are going to gather in a select group outside of our homes for the right purpose – this must be an individual choice based on you as an individual and your individual responsibilities.  

What I do know is that if you attend Max Meditation or The Kabbalah Reunion, for example, we will be focused on not only your health and well-being, but also in taking the energy that we co-create when we are together and sending that joy into our neighborhoods and city that so desperately need it right now.  Not only can we refuel and build our own energy exponentially by refueling together, but we can share that energy intentionally as a group with thousands of people in need.  

These are my thoughts and my desires: Stay healthy, stay safe, make the right choices for you, and stay tuned with me.  Short of a cancellation of the posted events due to more unforeseen circumstances, I invite you to consider joining us if this feels productive and wise to you.  

If you ANY have symptoms, DO NOT come to my center. For the sake of everybody, be smart. If you are coughing or sneezing, DO NOT come to classes or private sessions until your symptoms are completely GONE. GONE = you have not had a fever for at least 72 hours and you are not coughing or sneezing at all.

I will continue to teach in person and see clients in person. If you register for a class and have symptoms, you can ask for a refund or transfer to the next class offered. 

 Sending you Love and Light,
Verla Wade & The Living Light Foundation

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