Live Life Alive!

Live Life Alive!

‘Live life alive’ is my personal by-line. I use it to ensure that I am fully engaging in what life has to offer – in all of its forms and presentations.  And fully engaging means being awake, aware and making conscious choices.  It does not mean that I chose everything that life offers.  In fact, the clearer I am about my life purpose and life work, the more selective and discerning I am with the choices I commit to.  Frankly, we just don’t have the time to spend on things that pull us off track from what we are here to do!

This being said, a key piece of our work here is to find joy for ourselves and to bring joy to others.  The Mystery School teaches that inherent in fulfilling our life work is joy – both for ourselves and others.

Living life alive involves full participation in all aspects of life.  It is nearly impossible to have sustainable success when we ignore a key piece or relinquish responsibility for something that ultimately has to do with our success and happiness.

There are other emotions that do come into play here with this approach to life – fear being one of them – fear that we don’t measure up, fear that we don’t know how to do it right, fear that we don’t have the right education or training, just plain FEAR.  And, it will stop you if you let it.  It certainly will suck the aliveness out of your experience of life.

An acronym for fear that I ascribe to is False Emotions Appearing Real.  In other words, most times, what we are afraid of is not a reality unless we prove it to be so!

How do we get past this? Feel the fear and do it anyway.  There is a great book with this title and I highly recommend it.

I’d like to invite you to fully live your life alive in May and let’s share our wins with each other.

Sending you Love and Light,
Verla and The Living Light Foundation

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