My Journey With Gratitude

My Journey With Gratitude

Hello to all my Friends,

This November appears to be ushering in the end of a perfect Northwest Fall – foggy mornings, followed by beautiful sunny warm days, more rain, colorful leaves everywhere, and even some snowflakes.

The late fall season is traditionally a time of completing the harvesting and gathering of food in preparation for winter.  As we move toward Thanksgiving, it traditionally marks a time of giving thanks for the fullness and good in our lives.  Whatever your method of conversing with the Creator/God/Goddess, I invite you to include expressions of thanks and gratitude. For me the ability to do this has been a journey that I would like to share with you in this newsletter.

The 12-Step Programs refer to the expression of gratitude as “an attitude of gratitude”, which is required for recovery.  And they place a special focus on this during the month of November.  In 1983 when I was first exposed to this system, I was unable to pray – the words got stuck in my throat and my mind resisted – and this had been true since my early teens.  Louise Hay was very influential in the ‘80’s and she readily encouraged positive affirmations as a pathway to healing and wellness.  Gratitude and positive self-talk made sense to me and as I combined the two, I was able to begin a meaningful conversation with my “Creator”, positively expressing everything I was grateful for in my life.  This marked the beginning of a significant change in my life from focusing on what was wrong and not working to being much more positive.  My glass was now half full instead of half empty.

After the years of silence with God/Goddess I soon created my own version of prayer.  This was enhanced by what I leaned from the Modern Mystery School, which teaches that communication with God has three aspects: ritual, prayer and meditation.  I started utilizing these in my daily spiritual practice and my connection and belief in Spirit soared to new levels. I refer to this as the 3-legged stool of a strong foundational spiritual practice.  Ritual, prayer and meditation provide a complete communication with Spirit/God that involves clarity achieved from asking, thanking, listening, and receiving.

Never has there been a time on the planet when individuals of good intention have more needed this connection and the strong foundation it creates in our lives, which in turn spreads to our families and communities.  Our belief in and unwavering connection with Spirit / God / Goddess / Source will provide the strength we all need now.  Please feel free to connect with me if you would like a 30-45-minute consultation about this – no charge.

November marks the time of seasonal gatherings of celebration taking us all the way to welcoming in the New Year.   Have a most wonderful November as you prepare for the next phase of the year.

Sending you Love and Light,
Verla and The Living Light Foundation

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