The Truth Sets You Free – Maat & Her Feather of Truth

The Truth Sets You Free – Maat & Her Feather of Truth

As we move into December, I am working with the Goddess Maat in preparation for the January 12, 2018 Egyptian Ceremony and Meditation.  What an amazing Goddess.  My understanding of the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses is that they each had a lifetime here in the physical – of course thousands and thousands of years ago.  Now each of them holds a specific archetype that relates to humans and can help us in our daily life.

The Goddess Maat represents truth and justice.  She embodies the true meaning and practice of integrity for the bigger picture, not just the here and now.  Her symbol is the ostrich feather, or any feather for that matter.  As I contemplate her feather, I feel a sense of lightness and freedom and I wonder what the connection is with truth, justice and integrity.

In the Egyptian tradition, is said that at the end of your life when you cross over, your heart is tested on scales for truthfulness against the feather of Maat.  Anubis, Thoth, and Tehuti (who records the proceedings) are all present.  Anubis asks you two questions: “Have you found joy in your life and have you brought joy to others?”  I love this story, and find it particularly meaningful this time of year.  Perhaps true, sustainable, and lasting joy in our lives and others is deeply related to living a life in integrity and truth.  Why not?  What could be more truthful than I am experiencing joy or I am not!  Something to think about….

But whose truth?  And who or what defines integrity?  The truth and integrity of Maat is defined as being Maaty!  It is said about Maat that we each have an inner Maat.  So then the answer to these two questions is based on your deep inner knowing in alignment with who you are and what you are here to do this lifetime.  Many people never get very far in contemplating these things.  I trust though if you are reading this newsletter, then this is a journey you are consciously on.

As we tell ourselves the truth, although it may be related to past pain and suffering, we do not need to bring that forward into the present, other than to heal.  It is important that we are not defined by our past and our wounding and in order for that to happen we have to forgive.  Our progress is limited though until we fully forgive – both ourselves and others – for what has transpired.  And, as we heal, the truth brings joy and “truly” sets us free.  We are no longer a victim of our past or anyone in it.  Maat is always there to help us see the truth from the bigger picture of our life and contracts, and to recognize and appreciate the gifts we have received.

This time of year is about celebrating joy, birth, life and our friends and families.  I hope you have a most wonderful Holiday Season.  Please join us Friday evening, January 12, if you are interested in a mediation ceremony celebrating the magick of Maat.

Sending you Love and Light,
Verla and The Living Light Foundation

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