Moving from Separation to Unification – Becoming Spiritual Adults

Relationships are a big issue right now in the planet’s spiritual evolution. We all want healthy, supportive, fulfilling relationships. And in fact, as Spiritual Beings having a Physical Experience, our relationships provide key opportunities for us to grow and evolve. They offer us unlimited experiences for learning and maturing. But depending on how we work with and respond to these experiences, some relationships until healed, can take us down a road of being stuck, co-dependency and repetition of old patterns from our past.

We are being called today more than ever to become spiritual adults — to move past outworn patterns that no longer serve our spiritual progression. And yet as we look around, we can observe many people who are clinging more tenaciously than ever to habits and behaviors that no longer work. Why is this more apparent now than ever? The answer is simple. Fear. Fear of change, fear that if we do change it won’t work, fear based on remembering someone who broke out of the mold and maybe it didn’t seem to go so well for them, etc. Our reasons for not changing, and letting fear rule in our lives go on and on and on.

You might ask yourself, where does this fear come from? For the most part, it comes from the unresolved hidden wounds and resulting fears of the inner child. Whatever has not been healed for the inner child almost always will be expressed in the adult’s life as a stopping place, block, resistance, reluctance, lethargy, depression, fear, etc. The list can be long. It is usually the child that is afraid and expressing the fear – not the adult! It is the adult, tho, that expresses the ensuing drama!

Where the family had unhealthy patterns the child experiences wounding and starts developing coping mechanisms, including people pleasing and perfectionism or the other end of the spectrum including isolation, and feeling like they can never do it right, or are not good enough, etc. And this carries right through to adulthood. As adults, we will have developed masks that we hide behind, but the original unresolved pain and fear of the child is still there, and is most often what is sabotaging our results. Apparent contradictions on the surface of things often show us that a deeper unity needs to be reclaimed.

Once we are adults, it becomes our work to take care of the wounding that persists for the inner child. But we can only address this if we are aware of it. Our work in becoming Spiritual Adults is to become conscious of the inner child’s emotional needs and wounding, and heal this, so that it is not constantly, or even occasionally, breaking through into and disrupting our everyday lives.

The Universal Kabbalah has been the single most helpful resource I have found, both short and long-term, in addressing the needs of the inner child as well as supporting people in fine tuning and moving into competent levels in all areas of their lives as Spiritual Adults. When you use the Kabbalistic system to heal what is amiss in your life, the result is Unification and Transformation. The system of Kabbalah moves us from a state of separateness, and being out of synch to wholeness and the state of being with God.

We need to learn how to be Spiritual Adults so that we can reduce the suffering in our own lives and the enormous suffering in the world. The Universal Kabbalah is a tool that can help you do this. I invite you to consider joining me for the new series The Tree of Health, Vitality & Wholeness: Evening Conversations with Kabbalah.

Sending you Love and Light,
Verla and The Living Light Foundation

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