Blooming Where You Find Yourself – A Key to Fulfilling Your Life Purpose

Blooming Where You Find Yourself – A Key to Fulfilling Your Life Purpose

Like the purple crocuses pictured above, we are each uniquely suited to bloom where we find ourselves.  Snowdrops and crocuses come up and bloom through the snow, where other flowers can’t.  There is an analogy here to each of us.  We can “bloom where we are planted” as the saying goes.   The key is that we need to consciously create our environment where we can flourish.

This brings to mind that we each have a Life Purpose – something that is exclusive to you, and it is up to you to manifest it.  Interestingly enough, only through the manifestation of your Life Work will you experience fulfillment and joy.  Everything else is unfulfilling, mundane, and short-lasting.

Living your life purpose does not mean that you will not have to work diligently – it means that in the process you will experience great momentum and motivation to do your work.

Many people find that one of the things that slows down their spiritual progression and effectiveness with their Life Work is inner child pain and issues that have not been addressed and healed.  A good indicator that some of this work remains unfinished for you is that you will find yourself hitting the same wall (or ceiling) and not making much progress past it.  It has been referred to as the comfort zone.  I call it the ‘lack of clarity’ zone.

When we are clear about what we want, what our desires are, what our patterns and behaviors are that stop us (including inner child wounding), we can fully engage in our Life Purpose work.  In other words, we can bloom where we find ourselves, and create an environment around us that ensures our ability to flourish.

Every class, activation, and session provided by the mystery school is focused on empowering you to fulfill your Life Purpose.  The Universal Kabbalah is particularly helpful in supporting you to flourish in your life. We have two Kabbalah Ascension Classes scheduled for Seattle in 2018 – one staring in March and the 2nd starting in September (which I am leading).  Let me know if there is a specific area you would like support.

I invite you to join me this spring in further creating an environment in which you can flourish and bloom where you are.  You probably can sense that it is time.  And even if you are doing well, there is always more – more fulfillment, more joy, more clarity, more of what is important to you.

Sending you Love and Light,
Verla and The Living Light Foundation

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