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We have not published The Living Light Foundation Newsletter since February.  Much has transpired in my life and there are so many things I could say about that, but I wonder what, if any of it, is really relevant or important.  As some of you know, quality of life is very important to me.  So I took some time to address this as I was approaching my 66th year and wanted to prepare for this phase of my physical life.  As I gave myself the time to relax deeply and reset, what has transpired in the last 6 months is the next version of me as well as how I am showing up in the world and doing my lightwork.  I find that the changes are ongoing such that who I was last month, I am not this month!!!  I am welcoming and embracing this powerful transition.

While I was focusing on the quality of my life and health, our planet and the people on the planet have been literally crying out for change asking for:

  • a more supportive and safer place to live and raise our children,
  • respect for who we are, our beliefs, and lifestyles
  • and so much more.

So many people world-wide are just surviving, and struggle is a regular occurrence (whether mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual).  At the other end of the spectrum there are large numbers of individuals who have achieved their dreams, appear to be thriving, and yet they know something important is still missing (and this also represents a type of just surviving).

My life work for the past 25 years has been about empowering people and assisting them to identify and fully live the life they desire.  In order to be successful at this work, I have constantly been ‘encouraged’ spiritually to continue working on myself, embracing growth while releasing fears and stopping places.  In the last 12 months it feels like this self-work has become even more important for me as well as many of you who I know and love.

Everyone’s contribution is needed to bring in the New Paradigm, and the more integrated and whole you are, the more effective you will be.  As we know the individual (or microcosm) impacts the whole (or macrocosm); this basic truth being reflected with the cells of our body and throughout nature and the universe.  Let me know how I can support you on your journey and discover what the best approach is for you as you continue to move forward in actualizing the next phase of your life purpose.  We ALL deserve quality of life while we are here in the physical body.

Sending you Light & Love,
Verla and The Living Light Foundation

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