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Embracing the Light Wednesday 4-Class Series Package: The Beauty Wisdom & Alchemy of Prayer

** Save $45 when you purchase all 4 classes together in this series package. **

Prayer is meant to be a direct line of communication with the depth of our heart and the height of our soul. It is a yearning of the soul for union with its Divine source, an articulate expression of aspiration. In our society today, no practice is so misunderstood or so little used as prayer.

No one actually ever teaches us how to pray for ourselves, or how to put ourselves into our prayer, or how to make prayer a continuous current within our lives taking us to our destination.

The goal of a spiritual life is integration and wholeness. Prayer is one of the practices that can assist us in reaching this place of transformation because not only does it work on our outer world, but it starts to change us from within. And as we we experience true wholeness as start to feel comfortable with the new inner dimensions of our being that prayer brings to us.

Prayer offers us a journey of self-renewal and alchemical transformation. After we have gone within and transformed our inner lead into gold, we will naturally be able to sustain more light and share that with the world!

Would you like to explore a new or perhaps develop a deeper relationship with prayer?

These 4 Recordings Cover:

** What forms prayer comes in
** The importance of the link between meditation and prayer
** Why honesty is so important in prayer
** How to create a method of prayer that works for you
** How to know what to pray for and to understand the answers to your prayers
** The link between Angels and prayer
** The Alchemy of Gratitude in Prayer
** Finding a Method of Prayer that works for you
** The Alchemy of Personal Power – Prayer to transform personal sensitivity
** The Alchemy of Loving Behavior – Prayer to generate compassion
** And much more

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