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2020-06-02 Embracing the Light 4 – The Beauty Wisdom & Alchemy of Prayer

Our sensitivity can be our greatness when we have the strength of God within us,
or it can slowly drain us until we are of no use

Have you ever thought you were just too sensitive for life on earth?

Have you thought that being sensitive is a curse?

Sensitivity is a sacred gift. But it is difficult to cherish and protect this innate gift in a noisy and often offensive world. Sensitive people often take on more than they can handle because they sense the feelings of others and want to respond to them. They also pick up nuances.

We can change the chemistry of our sensitivity into strength and personal power when we integrate the tools of prayer.

In Part 4, we deepen our Prayer Awareness and learn how to apply it specifically to sensitivity.

This recording covers:

** The Alchemy of Personal Power – Prayer to transform personal sensitivity
** The Alchemy of Loving Behavior – Prayer to generate compassion
** And more

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