Unified Chakra Awakening

Awaken Your Psychic Senses

The Unified Chakra Awakening activates a chakra system of 2,418 points. Within the original divine blueprint, these additional chakras have always been a part of humans as pure potential.

This newly awakened chakra system connects with the DNA and the collective consciousness of humans, as well as with the Christ consciousness.

Benefits of the Unified Chakra Awakening

• Increases your spiritual awareness
• Brings about a peaceful state of mind
• Addresses apathy and low energy
• Awakens your soul and nervous system
• Increases the amount of light in your body
• Activates and connects you to your Galactic self

Session Overview

This session provides you with a deeper connection to your spiritual essence by unifying and binding all the energies of your physical body with your light body.

It facilitates deep integration of the Galactic Activation, and is recommended two times a year to continue to awaken and activate all 2,418 chakra points.


Life Activation

2 hour session | $395

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Session Length & Investment

1 hour | $250

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