Laying on of Hands

Healing Touch Comforting Your Body, Mind and Soul

The Laying on of Hands Healing is a very special healing in the linage of King Salomon and the Holy Order of Guides. It offers all humans the healing and comfort of the embrace of Jesus the Christ and His Mother the Holy Virgin Mary.

Melchizedek used this healing 4,000 years before Jesus Christ was born!  It is said he did it by invoking “the power given by God and the power given by the Immaculate Conception!”

Benefits of the Laying on of Hands

• Unlocks, opens and heals your heart where you are holding onto unresolved wounds from your past
• Understanding the role you played in contribution to the wounds of your heart
• Sense of empowerment to heal these wounds and heal what needs to be addressed in your life

Session Overview

This remarkable healing brings to your heart a special embrace from the hearts of Jesus Christ and Mother Mary.  As a result, you will feel deep relaxation, a sense of peace, and inner calm that is beyond what is normally attainable.


Life Activation

2 hour session | $395

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Session Length & Investment

1 hour | $250

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