Revealing Your Purpose & Understanding Your Life

Within the Modern Mystery School readings are provided based on information stored in your DNA. Different from other readings, the mystery school reader does not interpret the information received, but rather reports it to you and assists you in understanding and applying it to your life.

We have relationship contracts and a life purpose. Our relationship contracts explain the purpose and roles of the many people in our lives.

You will receive the information of what you are here to do, what your challenges are, and much, much more. This reading will give you access to the great wisdom and empowerment that is your birthright.

Receiving this information feels so good and will most likely be a confirmation of thoughts you have already had.

Benefits of Receiving Readings

Insights into your unique Life Purpose!

  • Enlightenment, guidance, and clarity regarding your life-work and purpose
  • Receive answers to the questions:
    • What am I here to do?
    • What am I here to learn?
    • What am I here to teach?
    • Who am I here to serve?
    • What will be my reward?
    • Where will I go after this physical life?
  • Empowers you with the knowledge of who your Soul and Spirit are, so you can move into the I AM of Your Spirit 


Life Activation

2 hour session | $395

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Session Overview

The Life Activation is a pre-requisite for the Life Purpose Reading.

Once the DNA is activated, information can be accessed regarding a variety of topics, including:
  • Your Life Purpose & Origin of Your Spirit Reading
  • The 12 physical Dimensions of Earth Reading – what you have completed and what work is remaining; particularly regarding areas related to fulfilling your Life Purpose
  • Your Spiritual Lineage Reading – what archangelic office, master of light office, archetype, and element (and much more) are assisting you in fulfilling your Life Purpose
  • Your Contracts Reading – for relationships, work, etc.
Other Readings Available:
  • Akashic Record Reading
  • Your Personal Angels Reading – based on your birth name and date, you will receive information about the specific angelic beings who are supporting you to fulfill your Life Purpose
  • Vampire Tarot Reading

Session Length & Investment

1.5 hours | $375

Pre-Pay for 3 Readings | $990 ($90 savings)

Pre-Pay for 6 Readings | $1,890 ($360 savings)

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