Ra Healing & Protection

Ancient Mystery School Healing Ceremony

By accessing the Ray of Ra, the Egyptian Sun God and Creator, this modality uses the sourcing energy of creation to clear your aura of unwanted lower vibrations that do not serve your best interest.

The Ra Healing heals as it purifies your personal energy field. Placing you in a protective seal, it creates a buffer between you and undesirable negative energies. As a result, your capacity to receive and hold light is restored and expanded.

Benefits of the Ra Healing & Protection

Are you seeking renewal and protection?

  • Cleanses, purifies, and renews the aura
  • Removes lower vibrations and energy from the personal energy field
  • Creates a protective energy seal in the aura that can last between 2 and 6 months
  • Heals and expands one’s ability to receive and hold light
  • You will feel lighter, refreshed and revitalized after receiving the Ra Healing and Protection Ceremony

Ra Healing & Protection is
Recommended to be paired with:

Isis Healing 1 & 2
or Etheric Reconstruction

Depending on your needs and individual path of spiritual development there are several possible next steps. Contact Verla to discuss your individual progression.

Session Overview

  • This is a series of mini healings utilizing toning a Tibetan mantra and chanting to invoke the Family of Ra
  • The unique energy of the Family of Ra is brought directly into the crown chakra
  • In this healing the client releases all negative thoughts and illness in their life, and welcomes in all goodness, health, and positive light and love.


Life Activation

2 hour session | $395

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Session Length & Investment

1.5 hours | $295

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