Kabbalistic Healing

Utilizing the Tree of Life and the Pattern of Creation

The physical body has two key energy systems: the chakras and the Tree of Life.  The Tree of Life is the expression of divinity – both within and without – and represents your DNA.

Benefits of the Kabbalistic Healing

The Kabbalistic Healing will:

  • Heal and activate the Tree of Life within you
  • Create awareness of your holiness within.
  • Awaken your Divine Essence.
  • Activate you brain and nervous system.
  • Help you have more clarity in your mind & thoughts
  • Strengthen the power of manifestation in your life.

The Kabbalistic Healing is the pre-requisite for the Enochian Healing

Session Overview

In the Kabbalistic Healing, there are two integrative phases.

  • First the 10 Sephiroth are awakened within you (Kingdom, Foundation, Splendor, Victory, Beauty, Strength, Mercy, Understanding, Wisdom, Crown).
  • Then you receive the Tiphareth infusion (the Agape Love of God), utilizing the 3-Fold Cross Ceremony and the Sacred Ceremony from the Mouth of Osiris.

Session Length & Investment

1.5 hour | $375

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