Enochian Healing

Angelic Support and Energy Re-Alignment

This powerful healing method uses the Enochian (celestial) language to communicate with higher angelic beings.

Benefits of the Enochian Healing

The Enochian Healing will:

  • Generate balance, harmony and peace between your spirituality, your emotions, and your physical aspect.
  • Activate your spiritual gifts and talents which lie dormant within you.
  • Re-direct and re-align energies that have become imbalanced.
  • Awaken your recognition of the Holy Spirit within.

Session Overview

This healing has three distinct phases.

  • 1st, the holy symbols used by Enoch to communicate with God are placed on the client’s body and activated
  • 2nd, we work with Archangel Arachan, one of the most fun and versatile angels in the Hierarchy of Light.
  • 3rd, a Holy Text is chanted that Enoch used, which goes deep into the body and re-directs all energies that have gone amiss.


Kabbalistic Healing

1.5 hour session | $295

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Session Length & Investment

1.5 hour | $375

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