Embracing the Light – Part 2

The Beauty, Wisdom & Alchemy of Prayer

We are a Holy Sanctuary, made of Mother Earth and Father Sky. 

In this temple, we speak our prayers.  God hears, and knows the truth of our heart.  Even when we feel lost, we are found by the angels — they pick us up, dust us off, and remind us who we are.

More About Embracing the Light
Part 2

Prayer acts as a personal spiritual compass.  Utilizing prayer, we place ourselves and our path on the spiritual map.  Each person who prays is like a light on Earth, shining a bright star in the night.  Light attracts light, so by praying and putting ourselves on the spiritual map we are both attracting and reflecting God and the angels.  Prayer is one of the ways we can establish contact with the messages of our soul, for when we pray, we speak our deepest truth.

As soon as we make prayer an everyday part of our lives, we steer ourselves toward wisdom, placing our light on the map that shows our unfolding path, and attract God by allowing the beauty of our soul to reflect God’s light.  Prayer offers us a journey of self-renewal and alchemical transformation.  After we have gone within and transformed our inner lead into gold, we will naturally be able to sustain greater light and share that with the world!

Class Overview

Deepen your Prayer Awareness. Join us for this evening class and conversation that covers:

  • The Alchemy of Inner Work – Know Thyself
  • The Alchemy of Mental Peace – Prayer to generate serenity
  • The Alchemy of Personal Power – Prayer to transform personal sensitivity
  • The Alchemy of Loving Behavior – Prayer to generate compassion
  • The Alchemy of Being Human – Prayer to expand the experience of reverence
  • Talking to God and a Talking to God Meditation
  • And more

Everyone is welcome.
Advance registration is required, I hope you will join us!


Life Activation is recommended.

2 hour session | $395

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Embracing the Light – Part 1

2 hour class | $60

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Date & Time

Date TBA | 7:00pm – 10:00pm


Living Light Teaching Temple

near 125th Avenue NE & Lake City Way

Seattle, Washington 98125


$60 New Student

$25 Repeat Student

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