Crystal Healing Rites

Ancient Rites of Healing & Rejuvenation

The Crystal Healing Rites come directly from King Salomon, through the 3,500-year direct lineage of the Modern Mystery School.

Benefits of Crystal Healing Rites

The Crystal Healing Rites work on all levels of the human – physical, emotional, mental. and spiritual.  It is particularly effective in addressing and releasing the underlying issues that often restrict complete recovery to health.  After receiving this healing you will feel refreshed, rested and alive in a new way.  This session usually takes about 1 hour and provides deep and profound healing.

  • Old Wounds Rite – client focuses on what and where they need and desire healing
  • New Wounds Rite – client focuses on release from pain and healing wounds from love and life
  • Good Fortune Rite – client focuses on their desires

Session Overview

These rites, from the ancient text of Fangoria and the Middle Earth Chronicles, use the same spoken Sanskrit language that King Salomon used for healing.

This healing utilizes three rites addressing old wounds and new wounds and creating good fortune for the client.


Life Activation

2 hour session | $395

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Session Length & Investment

1 hour | $250