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Heart-Based Sales & Marketing: 3-Class Video Package

Heart-Based Sales & Marketing 3-Class Series Videos!

Class #1 Reframing Your Relationship with Sales The place where one feels the greatest resistance is the place that holds the greatest reward!  

* Explore your current relationship with sales, 

* Identify what is working and what is not working

* Develop and refine your ‘Personal Definition of Sales’ – a heart-inspired statement that ties into your Life Purpose

* Use your ‘Personal Definition of Sales’ to more easily overcome your reservations about talking to people about what you do, and feel inspired and motivated to engage with others about things that are important, finding common ground

Class #2 Identifying Your Ideal Client – the qualities of your ideal client include how they respond, make decisions, participate in life, spend money, invest in self-care, etc. These qualities indicate who you ultimately enjoy working with. Paradoxically, this identification does not limit who you work with, but rather it refines as well as expands your client base. You will actually attract more people and more of them will have the qualities you love to work with!

Class #3 Identifying Your Target Market – Many business owners make two key mistakes in marketing: 1) either they tend to be comfortable with only people like themselves, so their market is too small, or 2) they want to appeal to everyone, afraid they will opt someone out, so their market is too nebulous. Once you identify your Target Market you will be able to:

* Communicate effectively from your heart with ‘your people’, getting their attention and positive response

* Select relevant images that resonate with your target market –“one picture is worth a thousand words.  Learn the type of images that grab the attention of and speak to your target market.

* Write marketing materials that speak the language of your target market and ensure their interested response, either for more information, or ready to purchase your services

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