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Cherubim Healing

As the end of 2020 rapidly approaches, I am finishing a specially designed series of 10 Angelic Healings for several clients.  Last week we completed the Cherubim Healing, a truly unique healing that conducts the services of the Angels, through the Holy Guardian Angel, for whatever the client needs and wants for their life and wellness.

The results have been so immediate and noteworthy, that these clients have requested I offer this specific healing now as a stand alone, so they can purchase it for family and friends for Christmas gifts.  After consideration, I want to make the Cherubim Healing available to everyone, not just those who are receiving the package.

And, because of the special time of year and the challenges this year presented, I am offering it to you with a $100 price reduction!

Cherubim Healing

(for people who have received the Life Activation) 
Valued at $395

Purchase today for only $295


Here are just a few of the common benefits you will receive in this special session:

  • You make a direct request of the Holy Guardian Angel who is present, for anything you want or need – no limits
  • Healing and aligning energies from the HGA are placed directly where needed on your physical body and in your aura
  • Four Golden Pillars of Light from the HGA are anchored in your aura for additional protection
  • A special energy flow and blessing are received through your crown chakra from Mother Mary and Jesus
  • The result is deep consolation, relaxation and peacefulness
  • Your heart opens and heals

How this special offer works:

  • You will have up to 3 months from the date of purchase to use your session(s) – book now and use when its convenient in your schedule
  • Once you’ve paid in full you’ll be ready to take advantage of your session(s)
  • Special Offer is only available through December 23, 2020, so sign up now
  • You may purchase this for yourself and for others – if it is a gift, let us know and we will supply you with a gift certificate via email that you can print out
  • Limited spaces available – once they are filled, this offer will close


  • Is this offer open to anyone?  Yes – it is open to you and anyone you would like to share it with, as long as they are previously life activated.  Big thank you if you’re one of the people who has already shared it
  • Can someone who has never received a Life Activation purchase the Cherubim Healing?  Perhaps.  If you have someone who is not yet activated, then please put them in touch with me before they purchase.  They will need to purchase and receive the Life Activation first.
  • May I purchase multiple sessions for myself?  Yes.  They need to be booked and used within three months of date of purchase.
  • May I purchase multiple sessions as gifts? Yes.  These also will need to be used within three months, and the recipient will need to have received the Life Activation first.  If it is a gift, please let us know and we will provide a color gift certificate via email for you to print out.
  • Where are these sessions held? These sessions will be held in Seattle at either The Living Light Foundation or at the IAM Center.


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