Transformational Forgiveness

The Key to Health, Abundance and Higher Consciousness

When we harbor negative emotions toward others or toward ourselves, or when we intentionally create pain for others, we poison our own physical and spiritual systems.

The strongest poison to the human spirit is the inability to forgive self and/or others.  It disables our emotional resources and forms obstacles to health and wellbeing.

Forgiveness is an essential spiritual act that must occur in order for us to open ourselves fully to the healing power of love.

Self-love means caring for ourselves enough to forgive people so the wounds from our past can no longer damage us.

More About Transformational Forgiveness

Emotional and spiritual stresses or dis-eases are the root cause of all physical illnesses.  One of the greatest causes of physical and emotional suffering is holding on to pain, refusing to let go because of our hurt.

Despite any other person’s role in creating the situation, we are the ones responsible for what we do with our hurt.  Lack of forgiveness hurts self much more than it hurts others.

By participating in this workshop you can:

  • Release yourself from the patterns of debtor/creditor, mistaker/mistaken, aggressor/victim
  • Clear the vibration of negative emotions including resentment, judgment, blame, guilt, hatred, anger, and negative attachments
  • Repair the fracturing of your soul
  • Release the karmic ties of negative attachment and clear your Akashic Records
  • Cleanse your heart of all lack of forgiveness.

Class Overview

In this class you will have the opportunity to clear the people and situations in your life where forgiveness is not present.

You will receive techniques to release these areas from your cellular memory by working with a core group of Angels, your DNA and your subconscious, conscious, and superconscious mind.

In addition, you will manifest your new reality of transformational forgiveness in all areas of your life.

Everyone is welcome.
Advance registration is required, I hope you will join us!


Life Activation is Recommended

2 hour session | $395

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Date & Time

Dates TBA | 10:30am – 7:00pm


Living Light Teaching Temple

near 125th Avenue NE & Lake City Way

Seattle, Washington 98125


$295 New Student

$95 Repeat Student

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