Spark of Life Remote Healing

Ignite Deep Healing

The Spark of Life Remote Healing is a unique and profound remote healing modality.

It was first created 1,000’s of years ago by the High Priests and Priestesses in ancient Egyptian Temples as a means to support those healers who traveled out of the temples and into the community to work.

Benefits of The Spark of Life Remote Healing

  • Relief of acute and severe symptoms – physical, emotional and mental
  • Client is filled with love and light
  • Stress is reduced
  • Increased health and wellness
  • Filters and purifies cloudiness in the mind
  • Clears dogma
  • Fast and long lasting
  • Client receives these sessions in the comfort of their home

Session Overview

Calls upon and utilizes three sacred energies to assist in healing the emotional and physical bodies:

  • The Highest Ray of Ensof,
  • The Holy Guardian Angel,
  • The power of Melchizedek.


Life Activation is highly recommended when possible.

2 hour session | $395

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Session Length & Investment

1.5 hour | $250

More than 1 session may be advisable
over a period of time to receive the full benefits.