Reclaim Your Golden Child

Heal Your Inner Child – Transform Your Life

Do you find yourself repeating negative patterns & no matter what you do, just can’t get past them?

Is your inner child running your life?

It is more than likely that these are trigger areas from your past and are merely begging for your attention. And we have a multitude of ways of handling them — from deep internal pain (both emotional and/or physical) all the way to acting out on a regular basis.

As adults, without realizing it, we often project the unresolved unconscious fears, anxieties, and hidden memories of our inner child onto other people, events or situations. The result is that we continue to be at effect vs. relaxed and in competent control of our lives. And this affects our joy, fulfillment, and ability to achieve our destiny.

Benefits of Reclaiming Your Golden Child

Until healed, your inner child carefully hides its fears and anxieties as deep in the subconscious as possible.

There are many reasons for this, but it is often based on an experience or series of experiences where you as a young child felt shame, anxiety, were blamed, or even took responsibility for someone or something that was beyond your ability to control at that age.

As well, you may have been in an unstable environment physically or emotionally.

All of this can leave hidden imprints that we as adults often don’t know exist, but are impacting our relationships and our lives.

Session Overview

Reclaiming the Golden Child Sessions:

  • Are done in a safe and protected environment with your Higher Self overseeing and guiding the meditation and healing session.
  • Will help you become conscious of what you need to do as the adult so your inner child feels safe and loved and does not interrupt your adult life – this is referred to as re-parenting.
  • Teach you how to remain the competent adult in formerly challenging situations

I have found that most people receive helpful insight and assistance with the first session and that it usually takes between two and three sessions to achieve a sustainable outcome in terms of daily empowerment.


Life Activation

2 hour session | $395

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Session Length & Investment

1.5 hour | $375

All sessions are pro-rated if they run longer.

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