Max Meditation System™

Relax your body, Rejuvenate your mind, Reconnect your spirit!

Max Meditation Systemis a proven tool to clear the mind of clutter and mind chatter, release stress in the body and enhance one’s ability to manifest!

Benefits of the Max Meditation System™

  • Reduction of Stress, Tension & Pain (both physical and emotional)
  • Increased Clarity, Spontaneity & Creativity
  • Greater Sense of Well Being & Peace of Mind
  • Enhanced Energy, Strength & Vitality
  • Self-Discovery and Sense of Purpose
  • Connection to Inner Guidance
  • Alternative to Medication for ADHD and other conditions
  • Deeper Focus & Concentration
  • Builds Self Confidence
  • Increased Serotonin (aids in depression, headaches & insomnia)

Class Overview

This system merges Eastern and Western techniques. It is done in a chair sitting up with feet flat on the floor so it’s easy and simple for all ages and experience levels.

The Max Meditation System™ is specifically designed to teach you how to meditate, whether you are a beginner who wants to test the waters, or an experienced meditator.

Everyone is welcome, we hope you will join us!

Date & Time

Dates and Times vary, contact Verla Wade for the upcoming schedule.


Living Light Teaching Temple

near 125th Avenue NE & Lake City Way

Seattle, Washington 98125


First Max Meditation System™ class is COMPLIMENTARY!
After 1st visit, $20 drop-in or $10 with Facebook check-in @ class.