Life Activation of your DNA

Activate your DNA and align with your Life Purpose

Your DNA contains the blueprint for who you are – physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. It is God-given, sacred, and literally defines the uniqueness of you.

Initially the Life Activation was used as a rite of passage in the ancient mystery school traditions to activate high priests and priestesses, prophets, and oracles.  Handed down from the time of King Salomon, this activation will give you deeper and clearer access to the true knowledge of who you are and your life purpose.

It is offered to help individuals move into their full empowerment and fulfill their life work and destiny.

Benefits of the Life Activation

Opens new doorways for you to achieve your destiny!

  • Enables you to bring in and hold more Light in your physical body and aura
  • Empowers you to bring forth dormant talents and abilities to maximize your potential
  • Enables you to have more energy
  • Brings more clarity into your life
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Assists in releasing unconscious patterns stored  in the physical body and aura
  • Increases a greater utilization of your brain capacity
  • Facilitates clearing of many family and genetic karmic patterns
  • Creates a heightened opening for ongoing connection with your Higher Self
  • Makes you eligible to take the Empower Thyself Class & Initiation

Recommended Next Step
after Life Activation

Empower Thyself Class & Initiation

2 day class | $1,500*
* Tiered pricing available starting at $995
based on the date your deposit is paid

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Depending on your needs and individual path of spiritual development there are several possible next steps. Contact Verla to discuss your individual progression.

Session Overview

This is an alchemical process directly aimed at raising your vibrations for the purpose of spiritual and physical transformation. There are 3 aspects of this session.

First, the body and aura are prepared to receive the activation.  In this preparation stage you will receive:

  • Cord cutting & complete Aura purification
  • Crown Chakra Opening: opening you up to a complete flow of light
  • 16 Petal Balancing: By working with these “petals” or “gates”, the specific energies and correspondences of the Elements (earth, water, air, fire) within the body can be balanced and opened, resulting in increased flow, access, and alignment.
  • Balancing the Central Core, Chakras, the Elemental, Magnetic and Etheric Energies.

Second, the Life Activation, which is literally a huge influx of light.

Third, the Life Activation Reading is a powerful reading based on information received during the activation. It provides insight from both a physical body perspective as well as your spiritual evolution, giving you accurate indicators of what has occurred, what is happening now, as well as what is next for you.

Session Length & Investment

2 hours | $395

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(206) 715 – 7222