Hermetic Soul Retrieval

Calling Yourself Back to Wholeness

As we live life, things happen to us that result in small fragments coming off our soul.  This can be due to shocking experiences or insights, both positive and negative. Sometimes when we hear something a shock happens, and a piece leaves us.

Fragmentation can also be a result of something we don’t want to see about ourselves, or something we are not gaining mastery in that affects us and our life work. This session brings these vital pieces back!

Benefits of the Hermetic Soul Retrieval

Pieces of your Soul become separated throughout life and as a result need to be retrieved in order to attain full mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual balance and wholeness.

People who need a soul retrieval often report that they feel something is missing within, or they have lost something important.  Or they comment on being stuck in patterns and habits they just can’t break.

Once a soul retrieval is complete, their experience of life is significantly different. They feel whole and renewed, and report being able to successfully move past negative patterns and habits.

Session Overview

In this session, the practitioner will locate the fragments and return them, assisting the client to accept and fully integrate all aspects of their soul.  The result is a new sense of balance, wholeness and well-being.

This session can be done every six months and is recommended for everyone.

May require more than 1 session over a period of time to fully retrieve and integrate all the lost soul fragments.


Life Activation

2 hour session | $395

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Session Length & Investment

2 hour | $375

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