Cherubim Healing

Healing that is Directed and Managed through the Holy Guardian Angel

The Cherubim Healing is a truly unique healing that conducts the service of Angels for what the client needs for their life and wellness.

More About The Cherubim Healing

  • Client makes a direct request of the Holy Guardian Angel who is present
  • Healing and aligning energies are placed directly where needed
  • Protection, balance and grounding from the four Golden Pillars of Light
  • Receive special energy flow and blessing through the crown chakra from Mother Mary and Jesus
  • Experience deep consolation, relaxation and peacefulness
  • Opening and healing of the heart

Session Overview

The angelic energies are brought through the Holy Guardian Angel, who is head of a large office of angles in service to humans.  The energy of the Holy Guardian Angel is pure and does not waver or change based on planetary alignments and other fluctuations.

This healing has two sections:

  • The first part invokes the Holy Guardian Angel to direct and manage the healing
  • The second part involves Laying on of Hands for comfort and healing


Life Activation

2 hour session | $395

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Session Length & Investment

1.5 hour | $395