Awaken Thyself

Open to a New Way of Living Your Life!

Have you noticed that there is an unstoppable awakening happening on the planet today?

You may have to look beyond the negative news and current events to recognize it’s here, but this awakening is happening to and for people around the world.

More About Awaken Thyself

More and more people are feeling that there is something important they are here to do this lifetime, and are experiencing an unexplained urgency about doing it.

As this awakening is occurring, the old systems are being challenged and falling away. And many people are feeling less comfortable in their lives, and seeking knowledge and help with this transition.

Class Overview

Awaken Thyself is a 3-hour class covering:

** The awakening that is happening on the planet today and how it is affecting each of us
** The Path of Initiation and how that can benefit you in fulfilling your Life Purpose
** How to connect with and receive guidance from your Higher Self using the Sanctuary Meditation Technique
** And much more

We invite you to join us and explore ideas, techniques, and tools that will help you with this imminent adjustment.

Advance registration is required, I hope you will join us!

Date & Time

Date TBA | 7:00pm – 10:30pm


Living Light Teaching Temple

near 125th Avenue NE & Lake City Way

Seattle, Washington 98125


$35 early registration when full paid by Date TBA

$45 early registration when full paid by Date TBA

$55 regular price when paid after Date TBA

$10 repeat student price

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