Angel Light Healing

The Angelic Gift of Healing & Transformation

Angels are the most underused resource available to humans.  There literally is a ‘group’ of angels available for anything and everything you need for your life.  But they cannot engage without you asking for their assistance.

Benefits of the Angel Light Healing

The angels’ ability to heal extends far beyond that of humans.  In this session, the four levels of angelic healing energies are brought into the healing space and your physical being.

This healing is unique in that once received, these energies extend beyond your physical body and aura, and into your community!  This breadth of healing is much needed on our planet today.

The Angel Light Healing is a holy, light-filled communion with the angelic energies.

Session Overview

In this healing, you will receive four different healing light energies from the wings of angels: The embrace of wings light, the celestial wings light, the ethereal wings light, the swan’s touch of the EnSofic Ray

  • Your soul is embraced by the angelic energies
  • You will experience a deeper opening of your heart
  • You will receive more light flowing in your body
  • The angelic energies you receive will flow into your aura and beyond into your community
  • You will feel energized, purified and more joyful


Life Activation

2 hour session | $395

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Session Length & Investment

1 hour | $250