King Salomon Healing Series

Embrace the Full Light of Your Spiritual Essence

These healing modalities date back 3,500 years to King Salomon. As the son of King David he studied in Tibet for over 20 years. Upon returning to his homeland, King Salomon established a temple and gathered all the head shamans, prophets, oracles, healers, medicine people, and alchemists to study with him.

This assembly worked together for over 20 years and developed universal healing techniques that worked for everyone. The mystery school tradition has maintained these modalities and these ancient healings are now available to all.

Benefits of the King Salomon
Healing Series

  • Renewed vitality for life deeper experience of joy
  • Each modality in this series is equally as powerful as the Life Activation session!
  • Fully awakens, clears, and activates all aspects of your total being – including the physical, emotional, mental, auric, etheric, soul and spirit.
  • Cleanses and re-harmonizes your body’s energetic system and heals imbalances, resulting in a profound sense of peace.
  • Increases your ability to manifest your dreams, goals, gifts and understanding of life.
  • Receiving the King Salomon Healing Series in its entirety will change your life and your relationship with your life forever.
  • After each session you will feel rejuvenated and alive both within and without.
  • This healing series is an alchemical, transformative, life-enhancing process.
  • We encourage you to give yourself this sacred gift of renewal and empowerment.

Session Overview

The King Salomon Healing Series is for those who are ready to fully awaken, clear and activate all aspects of their total being, including the physical, emotional, mental, auric, etheric and soul.  There are 11-12 sessions (depending on what is most beneficial for each client) and they each last between 1.5-2 hours and occur at one- to two-week intervals.

Most sessions begin with a sacred washing and anointing, energetic evaluation, and a special prayer and invocation that prepare you to receive high levels of spiritual light and healing.  Each session concludes with a cord cutting and a Life Activation tune up.

The King Salomon Physical Healing Sessions include:

  • Celestial Code Etheric Reconstruction 1
  • Starseed Healing
  • Unified Chakra Awakening
  • Aura Healing
  • Tree of Life Healing
  • Seal of Salomon Healing
  • Tone Healing
  • Etheric Body Healing
  • Mental Body Healing
  • Celestial Code Etheric Reconstruction 2
  • Final Consultation

Pre-Requisite #1

Life Activation

2 hour session | $395

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Pre-Requisite #2

Full Spirit Activation

2 hour session | $245

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Recommended Pre-Requisite

Empower Thyself

2 day class | $1,500*
* Tiered pricing available starting at $995
based on the date your deposit is paid

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Session Length & Investment

King Salomon Physical Healing Series
12-13 session series | $285 per session

or $3,000 for 12 sessions when full paid * – $415 savings
(13th session is pro-rated if required)


King Salomon Mind Region Healing Series
9-10 session series | $285 per session

or $2,250 for 9 sessions when full paid * – $315 savings
(10th session is pro-rated if required)


King Salomon Auric Region Healing Series
10 session series | $ 360 per session

or $3,190 introductory offer when full paid * – $1,400 savings
After introductory offer period, regularly priced at $4,590 for this series.

* When paid in full by the first session of the series. 

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