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Tree of Life Package – Geburah through Kether (Monday Classes)

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This meditation series explores the invaluable insights that Kabbalah and the Tree of Life offer us in today’s global climate.

We currently find ourselves in an unfamiliar, challenging, and uncomfortable environment in all aspects of life. We are faced with survival in a new and real way. And even though we may be in the comfort of our own homes, because of the uncertainty surrounding us, it is indeed hard to be comfortable.

And yet we know that true sustainable health, resilience, and our ability to thrive requires that we remain relaxed, are able to manage stress, and continue to exhibit love, faith, and gratitude.

Kabbalah is a spiritual science that has assisted people for 1000’s of years to live a fulfilling live, clarify and align with purpose, and develop one’s relationship to the universe, creator/God.

This meditation series will assist people in gaining more insight into Kabbalah as a tool for living the well-lived life, as well as creating joy, fulfillment and sustainability – especially in this emerging world that we are currently giving birth to.

We will work with each of the 10 aspects of the Tree of Life – one per meditation, starting with our Physical Life (Malkuth), moving to our Foundation (Yesod), the Splendor of our Mind (Hod), gaining Victory over our Emotions (Netzach), achieving Harmony and Beauty (Tiphareth), garnering Strength and Courage (Geburah), balancing that with Mercy, Loving-Kindness and Forgiveness (Chesed), embracing the divine feminine archetype of Understanding (Binah), engaging the divine masculine archetype of Wisdom (Chokmah), and finally gaining the Crown at the top of the Tree of Life (Kether).

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