Time To Take A Leap Forward!

Time To Take A Leap Forward!

We are starting this New Year with a very powerful planetary alignment.  January 7 thru February 6  marks a rare astrological event – all the major planets will be moving forward (direct) at the same time.  The ancients saw this as a most opportune time and a time of great fortune!  And with so many people losing hope, it feels like this “planetary boost” is just in time!

When all the planets are in direct motion, this signifies an organic, holistic, synchronous, harmonious group passage through the endless universe.  This cycle (called APDM) is definitely one of hope for the future – both individually and for humanity as a whole.  The planets are doing their work in opening the doorway for the New Paradigm!

What this means to you and me is that during this time, we can each take a LEAP forwards, vs. the small steps we are used to.  It is important that we use this timing to set a strong intent for both personal and world change for the better.  Visualize with all your heart and soul, the most positive, outrageously wonderful environment for yourself, all the communities you are a part of, and the world as a whole.  Hold the intent that all will benefit.

While all this is going on in our solar system, it is important that we remember that we are at cause, not effect – we are creators, not victims, and therefore we are aware. This month more than any other in a very long time, presents the rare opportunity to clearly see into the matters of your heart.  You will find the words that have previously eluded you.  And this will result in being able to make sense of everything that has happened for at least the past two years.

January is asking you just one question.  Are you ready?

Are you ready to see everything that you were too scared to admit to before?  Are you ready to see the life that you are meant to live?

It is important that each of us is open and receptive to change this month, so that we can let ourselves move into where we need to be.  In other words, this is not the time to be resistant and dig your heals in!  Miracles will happen if you can stay open – but only if you let them in!

It is truly a time where you can feel and begin to use your wings.  So discover your wings, have courage, and begin to fly!

Sending you Light, Love and best wishes for a remarkable and miraculous January
Verla and The Living Light Foundation